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Bidnija, Malta is a rural hamlet between Mosta, St. Paul’s Bay and Mġarr. It is located in the northern region of Malta and is home to roughly 308 people.

Bidnija finds itself between two main valleys, that of the Qannotta and the Pwales Valleys and therefore still very rural, but over the years other Maltese and foreigners alike have chosen the area and called it home after falling in love with its countryside views. The demand Bidnija property for sale is on the increase due to its location.

Currently Bidnija is under management of the councils of Mosta and St. Paul’s Bay. Here one can find popular equestrian facilities, one of a handful of clay pigeon shooting clubs and a restaurant specialising in Maltese cuisine.

Bidnija is named after the Bidni olive trees found in the village, which also enjoys “Protected Area” status. Archaeologists and researchers also believe some Roman villas and tombs can be found nearby, as Bidnija makes part of the rural surroundings of Rabat (Mdina). One can also find cart ruts in the surrounding areas of Bidnija.

During the 1900s, several small rooms were dug out around the local hill’s perimeter, providing British soldiers with a place to stay whilst guarding the Maltese island during World War. A further number of war shelters are also found around Bidnija and the local church was built and designed in the 1920s.

The patron saint is the Sacred Family and the day of the festa is the 3rd Sunday of July.

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