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Beautify Your Balcony & Transform Your Outdoor Area into a Garden Oasis

28th May, 2019
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On glorious sunny days and summer evenings, an unloved outdoor area is a tragic sight, especially if you are currently using your roof, terrace or balcony as a graveyard for dead plants or broken outdoor furniture.

Helping different clients find their dream homes has given us the opportunity to view scores of houses and stylish penthouses in Malta with beautiful outdoor areas to match; we’ve compiled a few ideas for transforming your neglected outdoor space – no matter its size – into an irresistible spot for kicking back, soaking up the rays of the sun and entertaining guests!


From wooden decking to natural stone, the right choice of flooring is one of the factors that will have the biggest impact on the space. However, flooring not only needs to be aesthetically-pleasing but also functional and resistant in order to prevent it from deteriorating easily over time, so be sure to take into consideration the climate you live in when narrowing down your options.


Confine yourself from your neighbours by creating a hedge or wooden fence around the border of your penthouse terrace garden, or for that real garden feel, place tall plants and trees.


Penthouses in Malta are now highly sought-after; however, the ever-increasing construction in most urban areas has brought a growing need for biophilic design, a concept used within the architecture and interior/exterior design industry to increase the occupants’ connectivity to nature, through the incorporation of natural features and materials.

No green oasis is complete without greenery and vegetation, and a lot of it. Create this look through a diverse selection of plant types and pot sizes. Add another dimension to your outdoor space by installing a vertical garden wall – this is not only wonderfully eye-catching but can also be the perfect gardening solution for planting fresh herbs or growing your own vegetables in a limited space!

Focal point

You don’t have to create a focal point, but doing so draws the eye to one feature and allows it to land there before sweeping over the rest of the space, taking it all in one bit at a time. A focal point could come in many forms, such as a feature wall (think mosaic or wood retaining wall), a water feature, an unusual plant or plush seating area with vibrant cushions.

Garden Furniture

From loungers and hammocks to built-in seating, the furniture you decide to fill your space with should depend on the same principles you would apply for indoor furniture. Consider whether you will be using the space for entertainment (think wine and summer BBQs); if you throw dinner parties often, take into consideration the space you will need – both to fit the right amount of seating, as well as the amount of space left around the furniture once placed. Also consider the colour palette, and of course the elements – make sure the materials you choose are durable, easily cleaned and weather resistant!

Beautify your Balcony

If penthouses in Malta are not your thing, and you live in an apartment without a terrace, fret not – balcony gardens can also offer a pocket of tranquility from the hustle and bustle of urban life! Start from the bottom with wooden decking (interlocking decking tiles are easy to install) for that cosy, natural, Scandinavian look. Next, create a seating area if you’ve got the space, and add cushions or poufs in vibrant colours to inject some boldness and personality. If your balcony lacks space, that’s no excuse not to have some greenery; hang plants on the wall or place them in railing planters!

Escaping the rush and dullness of urban life is easier once you have your very own green oasis at your disposal. So turn that cement that’s devoid of personality into an urban oasis and give Malta’s streets and roofs some much-needed life and colour with these simple tips!

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