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5 Emotions Every First-Time Home Buyer Goes Through

12th September, 2018
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You’ve finally done it – the keys to your new home are in your hands, and you can continue reassuring yourself that all those Pinterest interior design boards were not assembled in vain.

Gone are the days of having to endure constant lectures and nagging about your messy room and putting up with your siblings – you’re now officially an adult. As a leading real estate agency in Malta, the team at Frank Salt Real Estate has helped plenty of people find their very first property. If you’re thinking about finally making that leap out of the nest, here are 5 emotional states you’re very likely to pass through as a first time buyer!

1. The Fear of the Unknown

“What if I lose my job? What if everything falls apart? What if I end up living with my parents well into my forties? What if my parents don’t let me live with them when I’m 40?”. These are all questions your WhatsApp group has had to patiently put up with as you spiral downwards and then back up again.

2. Constant Stress

Up until now, you never had to even think about a mortgage unless you were playing (and losing) Monopoly. Ever since you found out about that pesky down payment, every spare penny you earn goes straight into that savings account you set up the day you made this fateful decision. You’ve gone from being the office slacker to working even longer hours than the boss, in the hopes of a promotion and a pay increase.

3. Cautious Optimism

Your loan’s been approved, you’ve ACTUALLY managed to outbid someone else (for once) and as for the promise of sale? You haven’t been so happy to sign something since you carved your own initials next to your first boyfriend’s on your school desk. Could it be that… things are finally falling into place?

4. Last Minute Paranoia

So often have you had a mini heart attack every time the bank called that you start thinking it might be worth borrowing your grandmother’s medical alert button. You’re constantly bombarded by second thoughts, and wonder whether all this expense and hassle is really worth it. And then your younger brother steals your car keys for the third time this month…

5. Pride and Joy

“It’s mine… my own… my precious!” you think to yourself, as you finally cross the threshold to your new home. Congratulations! (But maybe lay off the Lord of the Rings for a while). Now there’s just the housewarming party to plan…

Thinking of buying your very first property in Malta?

Frank Salt Real Estate is here to help! Don’t miss out on our exciting first time buyer scheme. From gift vouchers of up to €8000 for home furnishings to generous discounts on lighting, white goods, bank processing fees and property insurance, we offer some truly unmissable gifts. If you’re looking for your dream house or apartment in Malta, contact us today!

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