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5 Types of Clients Estate Agents Deal With

17th July, 2018
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From working flexible hours to seeing your clients’ look of joy when they step into the property of their dreams, selling property in Malta is somewhat of a matchmaking service and can be great fun! It also introduces estate agents to all sorts, which is why our team at Frank Salt has compiled a list of common client archetypes we come across.

1. The Super Enthusiastic

This buyer is a gem. They fall in love with the very first place you show them. From the moment you set foot into the property, their eyes light up as they whisper excitedly to their partner and extended family they’ve brought along for approval. They tend to break into a never-ending conversation with the seller about the school their children go to and the rising price of organic tea. And as you’re about to walk out the front door, they ask whether it’s possible to go quickly round again, which is music to our agents’ ears!

2. The Flake

The notorious Flake is the one who keeps cancelling last minute, after you’ve spent the past 30 minutes stuck in traffic – if you’re lucky! He might not even bother showing up at all. And guess who needs to break the news to the property owner who’s just spent the past hour cleaning for nothing…

3. The Fussy One

You can bet your life that this one is going to find a flaw even when there isn’t one. Sea view? The colour of the ocean isn’t really to your liking. Next.

4. The Lost One

This kind of client is generally excited about the whole property-hunting process, but has got little to no idea what they’re looking for: an ultra-modern penthouse? A 300-year old fixer-upper? By no means is this a negative thing; it shows that the client is open to various options, and it is the job of our estate agents to use their expertise and knowledge to narrow down the plethora of available properties (and locations) by trial and error until the right match is found.

5. The Hermione Granger

From scary words like temporary emphyteusis to the latest government schemes, half a minute with this client is all you need to realise this potential buyer knows everything there is to know about real estate. They have done their homework and come prepared, complete with a list of wants and definite don’t-wants. We appreciate the dedication and clear targets!

Being a leading property agency in Malta, our team of professional estate agents at Frank Salt have experience with all types. With over 50 years of experience in selling property in Malta, we know how to help you find the right house or apartment. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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