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Breaking Barriers: Key Benefits of an Open Plan Office

14th December, 2018
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It wasn’t long ago that offices featured rows of cubicles designed to help employees focus on the tasks at hand without distractions. Office environments have since seen a drastic shift from personal space to shared space, with many technology innovators and iGaming companies opting for an open plan office space.

As an experienced real estate agency, we at Frank Salt Real Estate share some advantages of opting for an open floor plan as an office configuration, which might sound like an introvert’s nightmare (nothing a pair of headphones can’t cure).

1. Increased Creativity

Open floor office plans have become a modern design to facilitate innovation and creativity. Although there may be a private conference room to facilitate private meetings, most day-to-day business in an open-plan office operates with everyone working in the same room. Indeed, one of the key benefits of breaking down literal walls in the office is increased collaboration and creativity, as employees are more likely to share ideas and ask for input.

2. More Interactivity

Humans are social beings, and there are psychological and productivity benefits from in-person communications in the workplace. Unlike cubicle offices, which encourage employees to work in a single-minded way, in open-plan spaces, employees are more approachable and accessible. Even with companies with a traditional hierarchical ladder, this open layout seems to help put people at ease by levelling the playing field.

3. Cost Savings

Without having so many walls to build and cubicles to plan, the company can save a significant amount of money on construction costs, not to mention the ease of providing more work spaces for additional employees. This setup is also more economical in terms of utilities – heating, lighting and air conditioning as well as in office supplies and equipment since these items are in a central location for everyone to use.

4. Flexibility

It’s easier and more economical to add more features to an open plan office than modify existing ones. If you need to change the space’s layout, you can easily do so without having to solicit a construction crew to take down walls, cubicles or other structures.

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