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Buying an Apartment- the pros and cons

14th January, 2016
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If you are looking into buying an apartment in Malta, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to make the right decision while searching for the ideal property.

The property industry in Malta is booming, prices are rising rapidly and quality property on the market is becoming scarce, particularly for apartments. This is mainly due to the fact that the rise in rental demand has led to an increase in construction of blocks of apartments. Consequently, the importance of quantity has surpassed the necessity for certain aspects looked out for by those buying an apartment, such as size, layout and natural light. Nonetheless, buying an apartment is an ideal choice for a first time home, a rental investment, or to size-down from a larger property.

The Pros


There are a various reasons why buying an apartment could be the best choice of property for you. Firstly, apartments are possibly the most affordable option on the market. If you are willing to forego certain features such as a large garden or multiple floors, then an apartment could be the right choice for you. Your apartment could still benefit from a spacious balcony overlooking a pleasant view and apartments could still be spacious as the most popular layout is the open plan layout, thereby providing plenty of space in the living area.

A Community

When living in an apartment, you are surrounded by your neighbours which could be a blessing in certain instances. Neighbours could offer a sense of security and could even become friends to rely on after a while.


Living in an apartment means sharing a communal area and all expenses are split equally among all the residents within the block. This allows you to benefit from a welcoming entrance and other commodities such as a lift and clean landing, achievable through split costs.


As aforementioned, the quantity of apartments in Malta has increased substantially and therefore, there is a vast array of options to choose from. Once you have decided on your desired locality, you can start searching for your ideal apartment. Ideally, get a professional to valuate your property, taking into account the location of the apartment, which affects the price significantly.

The Cons


When buying an apartment, one has to be creative to make use of the space available efficiently. Unlike houses and larger maisonettes, it is unlikely to have a spacious outdoor area or very large bedrooms. It is not uncommon for people to buy an apartment as their first home, with the intention of moving somewhere more spacious in the future.


The maintenance of the block is the responsibility of all the tenants and while the splitting of costs is an advantage, it is sometimes difficult to compromise on a solution to a problem with all your neighbours. If a lift breaks down and needs to be changed, how much is each tenant willing to spend in order to get an upgrade? Moreover, it is the responsibility of all tenants to be diligent with payments and fees, so getting something fixed may not be as quick a procedure as it would be if it is solely in your hands.

Lack of Privacy

No matter what floor you live on, you will always experience disturbances or lack of privacy. Living in an apartment means entering your home through a common area. Furthermore, it is common to have more than one apartment on each floor and in the case of complexes, there are opposite apartments that can look right through your living room window! It is wise to invest in things that will increase privacy within your home, such as blinds, curtains and double glazed windows to keep out noise that could be heard from the surrounding neighbours.

Following Rules

Sharing a residence means following certain rules. Some residences do not allow pets, others have rules on the type of decor allowed in the common areas and there are always some strict rules about keeping noise to a minimum. Ultimately, your space is limited to your own unit and that means that you are not entirely free to do things that could negatively effect your neighbours.

For more information on buying an apartment in Malta or if you are looking for your ideal property, feel free to contact us.

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