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Create a Pawsitively Purr-fect Pet Paradise for Your Felines

15th March, 2019
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You may have seen the video of the man who turned his house into a pet paradise for his many felines? Some might label this as extreme, but any animal-loving pet owner knows what an intricate part of the family a pet is. So if you’re looking to buy property and turn it into a paradise for your felines, here are our tips, human slave!

All work (rest) and no play…

Makes kitty a little terror who has a bundle of energy at night. Animals are curious creatures that love to play around their environment, and cats are no exception, which is why it’s important to provide them with simulation and entertainment.

Most cat owners have at some point discovered that their felines have a knack for perching themselves on top of their fridge, kitchen cupboards, or the highest point they can reach. This love of high places comes from their ancestors, which lived in the wild and climbed high to escape danger or wait for prey; in this way, climbing became a hardwired way of life for cats. Consider installing cat shelves of different heights for them, purchasing cat trees with dangling toys and tunnels, plus the classic scratch pole for them to sharpen their claws on (and save your sofas).

Built-in Pet Beds 

Isn’t it amazing how something so small can take up what feels like your entire bed? Consider a built-in bed that houses a pet bed pillow, which can easily be replaced as needed. Have the bed inserts custom-covered to match the décor of your space for a more seamless and pulled-together look.

However, cats are very vulnerable when they are sleeping and like to find a place or person they trust to sleep on, which is why it isn’t uncommon for the little furballs to ditch their own beds and sleep with their human slave. And let’s be honest, what’s more comforting than snuggling up with your cat and acting as each other’s hot water bottle?

Goodbye Patios, Hello Catios!

If you buy property with an outdoor area, good news! It doesn’t take much effort to turn your backyard into a space where your kitty would love to spend their time. The key to creating the perfect Great Outdoors for your felines is providing the resources for all your cat’s needs: places to hide, a litter box, fresh drinking water, and high places so they have a good vantage point (just make sure they can’t escape).

Another great thing about creating an outdoor pet paradise is the vegetation they can sniff and explore; however, some plants can be harmful to cats when chewed, so do your research before giving them access to any greens. Cat grass is great as cats love to munch on it and is thought to help digestion. Last is shelter – shade is mandatory to prevent your companions from overheating during the hot summer months and allows them to stay dry if they choose to stay outside during the rainy season.

Cat Enclosures for the Ultimate Pet Paradise

A cat enclosure (we prefer catio) will allow your kitty to enjoy more of the outside world, feel the spring breeze, soak up the summer sun, and observe their surroundings in peace, without becoming a threat to your plants. You can leave the job in a carpenter’s hands, buy a pre-constructed set or if you’re hands-on, opt for a DIY project. Don’t forget to include shelving at multiple heights to complete your pet paradise!

Looking to Buy Property? Get in Touch!

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy property for you and your furry (and not-so-furry) pals, our experienced agents can help you. We also offer home interiors and project management services, where we manage and oversee projects to take the stress off your shoulders.

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