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Frank Salt Real Estate honoured with firing of canons at Saluting Battery in Valletta

11th May, 2015
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It is not every day that one gets honoured with the firing of canons at the Saluting Battery in Valletta. Members of the Frank Salt Real Estate team were treated to this ceremony last Saturday at the closing of their annual team building event organised by the company.

On the trails of the Knights of St John and the city’s architecture, the team delved into the challenge at hand, solving the perpexling riddles prepared by the organisers. The route took them all around Valletta, all the way from Hastings Gardens and City Gate to Fort St Elmo and the Lower Barraca Gardens. Throughout the course the teams covered most of the iconic sites that the European Capital Of Culture 2018 has to offer, answering trivial questions and performing daring tasks along the way.

Team building activities are no novelty to the company’s calendar of events. With Malta’s largest team of property people, team building and social activities play an important role in the company’s calendar.

The Marsascala branch team ultimately won the challenge, followed closely by the San Gwann branch team.

‘Our team is composed of over hundred employees, all coming from different walks of life.’ says Joseph Lupi, Managing Director, “but as a team, we overcome such situations and turn them into opportunities. We are a growing family business, and we want to make sure that our employees feel part of this family.” “This was a great opportunity to combine work with fun” added Sandra Aquilina, HR Manager. “We are constantly promoting properties in Valletta and the three cities. We believe that with such properties, one does not only buy the structure but also the heritage that they convey. This event helped us get a better understanding of the streets of Valletta and the gems that this glorious city has to offer.”

The event was organised in collaboration with Outdoor Living Malta. For more information about taking up a career at Frank Salt Real Estate, click here

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