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Frank Salt Real Estate launches corporate wellbeing program #LetsBeActive.

1st April, 2021
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letsbeactive corporate wellbeing

Frank Salt Real Estate has just launched #LetsBeActive, a corporate well-being programme aimed at promoting the physical and mental wellness of its employees, whilst also promoting teamwork and a stronger sense of collectiveness.

Globally, as more workers experience pandemic-induced stress, many international companies have turned to corporate wellness programs, especially digital ones, to alleviate the burden that comes with the changing work environment. Frank Salt Real Estate is amongst the first to be doing so locally and hopes that its wellness program would encourage staff members to be more physically active, and ultimately happier and healthier.

“Exercise not only changes your body, but it also shapes the way you think, your attitude and uplifts your mood”, said Director Darren De Domenico at the launch of the initiative.

Making use of an internationally acclaimed corporate well-being app, all Frank Salt Real Estate staff members have been assigned to one of six groups and will be competing against each other in performing regular exercise routines, as well as ongoing quests and challenges that the company will roll out on an ongoing basis. Through the app, one can track, log and compare his or her training or activity with teammates and colleagues, whilst having fun together and being more active and healthy. The objective is to gain as many points as possible during the ‘Company Leagues’, which kicked off on April 1st. Points are awarded to participants for all types of physical activity completed and contribute to the group average.

#LetsBeActive is also meant to provide contestants with a sense of community. By being able to share their workouts with each other, the groups will feed off each other’s energy and encourage each other to remain active even in these trying times.

At the end of each quarter, the winning team will be awarded company merchandise and other prizes as well as medals and trophies.

“We have always had a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude at Frank Salt Real Estate,” added Director Grahame Salt. “Covid has obviously imposed a lot of restrictions on us, but by means of this new initiative, we want to encourage teamwork and our staff to remain active. There are many ways to do this whilst still respecting current health guidelines and we’re looking forward to an energetic few months ahead! We’ve even prepared customized branded sportswear for the winning team members,” added Director Grahame Salt.

Apart from a fitness and well-being element, #LetsBeActive will also tie in with Frank Salt Real Estate’s #LetsGoEnvironmental drive, as well as other CSR initiatives, with the goal being a stronger contribution towards society.

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