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Going that extra mile

31st July, 2014
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A good working environment is an essential component for a happy and productive career. The Fgura branch of Frank Salt Real Estate Malta, is a perfect example of such an environment. Established in 1969, Frank Salt has always had a presence in the south, starting off in Paola and then relocating to larger premises in Fgura. Plans are underway to expand even further.

Coryse Borg meets Fgura Branch Manager, Stanley Bonello and his colleagues to find out what makes them a cut above the rest.

I sit down to start my chat with the Frank Salt Fgura branch property consultants – Kurt Grech, Roderick Bezzina, Wayne Fino, Simon Marchett and Paul Bondin – as well as their manager, Stanley Bonello. (Ashley, the branch secretary whom they describe as the ‘glue’ of the branch, is not present).

We meet in a gorgeous bijou flat in the heart of Senglea with stunning harbor views. The first thing that grabs my attention, however, is not the hue of the clear blue sea, but rather the almost palpable sense of camaraderie that this team shares – it is clear that they have a great working relationship with each other.

“The team environment here is the best I have ever encountered,” says Roderick, who has been with the Fgura branch for the past year, everyone is very professional and very helpful.”

Kurt shares the opinion of Roderick – although he has only worked in the company for the past two and a half years, he feels like he has been part of the team for at least ten. “Whenever I need help, I always find it,” he explains, “and this is echoed in the way we deal with our clients. We don’t just sell property, we help our clients in any way they need.”

According to Wayne, teamwork is the secret to the success of the Fgura branch: “We are not only colleagues, but friends. We suggest properties to one another. If I am not in a position to find the perfect property for my client, then I have my colleagues’s property databases to rely on,” adds Wayne.

Paul says that he felt like he was immediately taken into the fold of the group. He tells me that when he initially mentioned to people in the business that he was going to work at Frank Salt everyone said that he would be given the chance to learn.

“They all have been extremely helpful and genuine and yes, this is reflected in the way our clients can be expected to be taken care of by us,” says Paul. “Frank Salt is an agency that has been around for a long time. We are in it for the long haul. Between us, we have years of experience and a large database of properties all over the island.”

Simon explains that the Fgura branch property consultants can be trusted to find the perfect property for their clients: “We know the market like the backs of our hands. Although we are based in Fgura, we know all the island very well. Our groundwork is impeccable and we work very hard to find properties that are suitable for each and every individual client. As for the sellers, we make sure to give realistic evaluations.”

There is no point in over-valuing a property, Simon explains, as it will fail to sell. The seller will be disappointed and his or her time will have been wasted.

Branch Manager Stanley Bonello started working with the agency in 2004. He has been the manager of the Fgura branch for the past four years. “When I first started working in property it felt like a dive into a black hole. Then I fell in love with the job and became hooked!” he laughs.

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