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Intensive training by top internationally acclaimed sales consultant

7th September, 2012
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Working in property provides an excellent opportunity to make good money, whilst meeting new people and allowing constant personal development. It does however require a dedicated approach and strong customer focus, along with several other interpersonal skills. This was the underlying message at a three day seminar that Frank Salt Real Estate has recently organised for its team of consultants, including the latest team of recruits.

The seminar was organised in conjunction with Carlo Pignataro, a senior internationally acclaimed consultant in selling techniques. With over 15 years of experience in the luxury and consumer goods sector, Mr Pignataro has worked in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America, including executive posts with Gucci, Damiani, Harvey Nichols and other high profile retail brands.

Frank Salt Real Estate is a strong advocate in professional training for its team. The company adheres to the stringiest of employment policies and invests heavily in ongoing initiatives that empower its consultants to better themselves, be it in their roles as consultants, but also in their personal capacities.

“In today’s competitive market it is not just enough to have the best product offering to close sales” stated Joseph Lupi, Managing Director, for Frank Salt Real Estate. “Good practices, added value, and complete customer satisfaction are ever more important. Only so can one aim at building a relationship with one’s client and gaining their confidence and trust. It also boils down to personal charisma and self-motivation, which are key for any sales function. ”

“We wanted to provide our consultants with a fresh approach to how to deal with customers and improve on their sales strategy”, added Sandra Aquilina, HR Manager. “This intensive seminar provided just that, stressing on the importance of determination, body language, assertiveness, positive attitudes and a knowledge of the market. The seminar has definitely given the consultants ample energy and inspiration towards their work.

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