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Let’s Go Environmental

19th September, 2018
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Frank Salt Real Estate (FSRE) is proud to announce the launch of a major new initiative and sub brand ‘Let’s Go Environmental – Frank Salt’.

At FSRE the environment is integral to the company’s operations. Key directors, managers and several staff members have been organising various activities and initiatives for many years with the company, awarding staff for their participation in safeguarding the environment and other social or charity work.

As the Frank Salt group grows in size and stature within the Maltese economy, the need has been felt to articulate and create a solid identity for its numerous initiatives with regards to the environment.  The Frank Salt group is a serious organisation that prides itself on its strong reputation for ethics and integrity and which feels it has a responsibility towards raising awareness on environmental issues.

FSRE aspires to take the lead on the safeguarding of our environment. Following in the footsteps of Mr. Frank Salt, the company founder who has done a great deal of unpublicised private, philanthropic work throughout his career, the company directors believe that the existing Frank Salt Real Estate Group legacy is the strongest possible foundation on which to launch and build this important sub brand, ‘Let’s Go Environmental – Frank Salt’.

lge committee

Frank Salt Real Estate – Let’s Go Environmental committee. From left to right: Patrick Xuereb, Carmen Agius, Simone Magri, Godfrey Swain, Ritan Grima, Maryanne Abela, Julian Caruana.

“This will be a major, long term project designed to harness the energy, creativity and dedication of many people within the Frank Salt family who are already doing a great deal of environmental and humanitarian work, and to play our part in preserving our environment and carry out initiatives that affect the wellbeing of our communities.”, said Chairman of the ‘Let’s Go Environmental – Frank Salt’ committee, Mr Godfrey Swain.

The company recognises that the property and real estate sector in Malta is a very fast growing sector with varying positive and negative perceptions of the impact of construction and related activities on the environment and quality of life.  FSRE will work in its own right and with all related parties including developers, construction companies, NGO’s, constituted bodies to justifiably improve the public perception of the sector and to assure the general public that the protection of the environment is at the very core of Frank Salt Real Estate operations and responsibilities.

An internal committee set up to ensure the successful establishment, preservation and growth of ‘Let’s Go Environmental – Frank Salt’ is made up of directors, managers and staff with expertise and experience in environmental activities.  A detailed environment policy has been drawn up to conduct all environmental activities and initiatives in a structured, effective and well measured manner through the establishment of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

“Our aim is to achieve far more than the minimum legal compliance at law. We will undertake an improvement programme of positive action by setting annual environmental objectives and targets and by continuously monitoring and reviewing our environmental performance,” continues Mr. Swain.

The first project in 2018 will be a proposed major installation of solar panels in a leading charitable foundation in Malta.  However, among other initiatives, ‘Let’s Go Environmental’ will take over activities in the areas of afforestation, cleaning of valleys, reducing plastic in the environment, sponsoring and maintenance of public parks, and an educational campaign targeted towards our staff to introduce and sustain a reduce-reuse-recycle culture across all the FSRE branches and offices. FSRE, together with the ‘Let’s Go Environmental – Frank Salt’ committee, specifically commits to the prevention of pollution, to drive environmental improvements through the day-to-day operations of its branches, reduce waste and energy and water consumption and work with suppliers who share the same environmentally friendly goals, including environmental considerations in its business strategies, and mitigate its carbon footprint by contributing to renewable energy.

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