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Meet the Team: Alessandra Farrugia

25th November, 2022
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alessandra farrugia

Get to know Alessandra!

This time it is the turn of one of the firecrackers of the FSRE team…Alessandra Farrugia of the Sliema Letting Branch. She is well-known for getting things done quicker than you can say “Flash!” and for her no-nonsense attitude when it comes to dealing with work and people alike. Always enthusiastic, optimistic and someone that will surely have a solution to any problem you may throw at her, we just had to interview Alessandra!

Alessandra loves sharing as much time as possible with her son and as a single mother lets nothing stand in her way: she is creative, loves traveling, organizing things and we also found out that she is an ardent baker! During her jam-packed day we shared some time finding out more about her and this is what she told us:

alessandra farrugia

In a few paragraphs tell us what you are about and what sums you up as a person?

I am caring, a great listener and loyal to a fault. In work, as well as in life, I am definitely goal-oriented. Give me a task, I will make a list and get the job done in a very organised yet quick manner… I LOVE excel sheets hahahaha!  I have a ten year old son, Luke – who, as his name translates quite literally, is the light of my life. When I’m not working I’m always looking to plan our next getaway, even if it’s just Gozo – anything to just get away and disconnect. I’m always up for a laugh and when I really let my hair down, my friends will tell you… I’m the loudest one in the room!

We all remember things from our youth that stands out. What can you share with us about growing up and anything remarkable that you can recall?

Growing up, my parents took us on multiple holidays every year and I think that’s where my love of travelling began. When my parents took us to Orland Florida it was definitely a childhood highlight. We were 3 families, 13 people – 8 of which were kids!! It’s safe to say it was truly memorable.

What did you do before you joined Frank Salt Real Estate?

I worked at a bank, safe to say I much prefer working here 🙂

What is the number one reason that made you decide to join the Frank Salt Team…and elaborate!

I would say the name. The company’s reputation was the main reason and I felt like I was joining a well-established and respected organisation that would allow for me to grow and advance in my job.

What is it that you like most about being part of the property letting business?

Every day is different: one day you might be busy with listings and the next day you may find yourself chatting to clients for the better part of your day. It’s busy in the best possible way.

The head office for letting must be an interesting branch to work at! What makes working in the location and the surrounding area exciting, different or special?

Having been open for over 10 years, people have learnt to look to us for any and all advice related to letting and the industry. It’s always great to see owners that we have been servicing for years and years who walk in to let us know that their property is available again… or to simply update us on any other changes or new properties they may have.

What do you believe is the most important rule when it comes to being the right hand to the manager?

Open communication and respect!

We heard that you are extremely organised. What tips can you share in this regard?

My number one thing is never to leave anything for tomorrow what you can do today. I detest filing for example, so the moment I finish something I file it away immediately and I do not wait for things to pile up. The same goes for emails: once an email is actioned, I either delete it or move it to a designated folder. Clutter is my number one enemy!

What is the best advice will you give to someone who wants to become a secretary or personal assistant?

Put your heart and soul into it; the work should speak for itself. Be proud of your work and it will show in the results. Smile…. a smile can go a long way.

What is the last thing you do when you go to sleep or the first thing when you wake up?

The last thing I would do is to text my boyfriend goodnight. The first thing would be to push the snooze button on my 5:45 am alarm!!

What do you make sure is always in your handbag and why?

My house keys hahhaha! I’ve been locked out one too many times. Anything else I can do without but being locked out is just a whole lot of work… to try and get in again!

Are you a creative person? If so tell us more about it …

I definitely see myself as a creative. I did art and dance as a child and these days I love creating fun crafts with my son and also travel photography. I love making my own hand-drawn wrapping paper and my son and I love making our own handmade greeting cards, be it for birthdays or Christmas. There are so many mediums we have access to, to enable us to express ourselves… why not take advantage of as many of them as possible!

alessandra farrugia

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date? 

Giving birth to my son – Luke!

Is there anything in the universe that intrigues you and that you would like to know more about?

I would say….life after death!! It has always scared me, but at the same time I have always been curious about it.

Who or what inspires you and why?

All the parents out there… the ones who are busy juggling kids, work, life, job, hobbies, sometimes even second jobs and still manage to be present for each and every moment.

What’s your take on social media?

It’s a bit of a tough one. I for one love it and embrace all it has to offer. I use it to connect with family and friends, especially my sister who lives in Bali with her husband and my nephew who I miss so dearly. I look to certain areas of social media for baking and cooking inspiration, as well as travel ideas. But at the same time, I find that it can become addictive; in fact I have been devising a plan to keep my son off it till he turns 18 with the promise of a cash sum on his 18th birthday if he manages this successfully! 🙂

What do you like to do when you are on holiday or have some free time?

Explore….be out in nature and just embrace the beauty of it all and immerse myself in the culture. A good book is always welcome 🙂 At least one amazing sunrise and sunset are a must, in fact it’s something I love doing as often as possible… even here.

Do you have anything from your childhood that you regard as a treasured possession?

I tend to be the one that doesn’t hold on to much as I’m not a fan of clutter! But definitely all the photos my parents have taken and printed throughout my whole childhood. They hold all our memories and appreciate so much that we still have all of them.

If we put you in charge of the world for a year, what would you do?

I would instill 3-day weekends… it would definitely be a thing!!! Hahaha, but jokes apart, it’s a tough one. There are so many political and social issues at the moment all over the world, it would be hard to compartmentalize it all and prioritize.

What instantly makes your day a lot better?

A hug!

If you could eat only one type of meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

It’s so funny because I was just asking my partner and my son this question the other day… and my answer was pizza! Because you have such a variety of options or you can also opt to just eat some of the toppings on some days if you’re not up for more pastry.

If you could relive one special moment in your life up to now, what would it be?

Giving birth to my son! I would definitely have asked for someone to be there to be able to capture it all so that I could relive it whenever i wanted to. It all goes by so fast, so having those memories captured would have been so special.

alessandra farrugia

What do you think is the most important lesson that life has taught you up to now?

Learn from your mistakes and don’t dwell on the past… chin up and move on!

Is there anything that can really upset you or make you angry? If so, what is it?

Other kids being nasty to your child! It’s such a tough one and the best thing we can do as parents is teach our kids how to be kind and how to cope in certain situations.

Tell us about the biggest challenge you have ever faced and what you did about it?

Being a single parent has taught me to ask for help whenever you need it. Never be too proud to ask for help… and that it’s ok to say “no” or to say “I need a break!”

What is your opinion about climate change and what can be done?

We are definitely in crisis mode and I feel like a lot of people think that their smallest actions will not have an impact. Be it positive or negative, each action has a reaction or consequence. I would like more awareness in school about the environment and that we teach children from a young age about the impact of single-use plastics for example… and waste management. Every bit counts!

What will a typical Sunday lunch be and where would you go?

A picnic on the beach or being somewhere surrounded by nature.

What do you consider makes someone a hero?

Someone who is brave and selfless.

Have you ever wondered what you will do if you had a superpower? What will your power be and what will your name be?

I think it would be to fly…. I am not sure why, but I have had so many dreams of flying throughout the years! Yes, it is the one thing that would make most sense to me. When it comes to the name, I would let my son choose one for me! hahahah

What is the most exotic dish you have ever eaten or want to eat?

I have to say I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food. Sight, smell and texture play a big role in my food experiences, so if one of those components is not enticing, I would have to skip whatever it is.

What will you do if you had a time machine?

I will go back in time, appreciate and spend more time with my grandparents and ask them all sorts of questions. The few stories I got from them when I was growing up have been extremely interesting!

Do you have any plans for the Festive Season?

I am going to spend as much time with friends and family and drink lots of mulled wine.

Did you enjoy school and would you relive it if you could?

I loved school and I would go back in a heartbeat!!

alessandra farrugia

Some fun facts about Alessandra we'd like to share.

My colleagues would tell you water with Bolero haha!

I have loved being all ages thus far, so it would be hard to pick just one. Growing older is scary as I am already starting to feel the aches and pains from bad posture… hahah! But I feel that as long as you are content in life and have no regrets, then you should be happy and at peace with yourself… always.

For being creative, for my baking, being proactive, caring, hardworking, a good listener and a great mum (I cheated on this question because I asked my friends haha!)

I have visited many, many places but Bali has a special place in my heart because my sister lives there… and in fact I’ve already been 3 times! There’s so much more of the world to explore and anywhere and everywhere there is beauty to discover… so it’s hard to list just a few. I hope to travel to at least one new place every year.

I have no regrets… I feel that whatever I did in the past led me to where I am today and I’m very happy with where I’m at.

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