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Meet the Team – Matthew Fenech

3rd March, 2022
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Matthew Fenech
Matthew Fenech

This week we met up with Matthew Fenech from the St Paul’s Bay Branch, one of the busiest offices in the group. Matthew has a passion for nature and especially animals that are homeless and in need of care whether it is medical or psychological.

During his busy schedule he also finds time for the creative in him each year by getting involved in the area’s Christmas Village for which he envisions new ideas and creations to be added to the collection. Although Matthew comes across as shy and reserved, he is someone with a drive and determination to succeed in everything he undertakes and there is nothing that makes him happier than matching the perfect property with a dream client. Matthew also loves architecture and buildings of significance such as historic structures and monuments, something which there is no shortage of when one lives in Malta! 

To find out more about his life and what makes him tick, we posed an array of questions to him and this is what he had to say: 

"I will spend my time building a sanctuary to help domestic animals that previously ended up as homeless"

Who is Matthew exactly? Tell us in about a 100 words!  

I was born on the 21st of August 1984. I love to see people happy and endeavour to help those who are in need.  I also love everything in nature and animals, especially stray and abandoned pets that are the voiceless in our society. My other passions are sport and outdoor activities, everything to do with history and specifically old structural buildings and monuments, something that we have in abundance in Malta. I am a strong believer in living by a set of good and strong values, every day of my life.  


What can you tell us about your background and your family?   

We are a family of 4 and I have an older sister who is married, resulting in me having two nieces. We really are a close family and we like to spend time together whenever we can but this has been especially difficult the last two years with the Covid situation and also due to my busy work schedule! With social distancing and all the health and safety rules the past two years slowly easing, it seems things are on the mend and returning to normal at last… something that makes me very happy! 


We heard that you are involved with the Christmas Village annually. Is this a passion of yours? Tell us more!  

Yes, it is something that started about 3 years ago or so and every season I keep exploring more exciting possibilities to create something fresh, born out of the many new ideas I have during the year. It starts around October and keeps going until mid-January and at times it can be very hard work!  


Tell us about your past work experience…  

I worked in the construction industry since I was 25 and started out as an electrician. At the age of 28 I acquired a diploma in project management and commenced a career with an interior design company. During that time I was involved in some extremely interesting projects and for the last 6 years I worked in a company that catered for turnkey projects. 

 I always wanted to be involved in real estate and sales and because Frank Salt Real Estate has such an excellent reputation, they were completely the right fit for me! I love working with the team in our office and being part of this “work family”. We support one another and have a very good rapport going. 

Matthew Fenech

What was the last book you read?   

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne 


Tell us about your favourite food and if you can cook, tell us
what you often make! 

I love to cook fish or shellfish and seafood, but also do a good beef and lamb… those are the main dishes I have mastered.  


What do you enjoy the most about your job?  

This one is easy: I love helping people in finding the right property that is exactly the perfect fit for them. I really appreciate being part of the process where people make the right and wise choice with one of the most important decisions of their lives: buying a home they love.


Which film have you seen over and over again and enjoyed every

‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ starring Will Smith. It is a movie about overcoming obstacles and being triumphant when the odds are stacked against you.  

Matthew Fenech


What would you do if had enough money and did not need to work?  

I will spend my time building a sanctuary to help domestic animals that previously ended up as homeless 🙂 


If you had a fight or disagreement with an old friend, do you forgive and forget or do you never speak again?  

Personally, I like to clarify any disagreements when I can… and if I cannot, I will let it go, forgive and move on!  


What is your best childhood memory?  

Meeting with my cousins at nanna’s house every Sunday!  


What was the last show you binge-watched?  

I am not really a TV guy!  


Imagine you are at karaoke night. What song will you be singing and will someone sing with you?   

‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley  


Is there anything you hate doing and if so, why?  

I loathe waiting… for anything, as it is waste of time!  


Are you competitive? If you came joint first in a race, would you be a good sport or a sore loser? What do your friends think?  

Oh winning is a must! 🙂 But on the other hand I’m not a sore loser.  

What advice will you give to someone who wants to become an estate agent?  

Working as a real estate agent offers a great deal of variety. With different clients and different homes, you won’t be doing the same thing every day. You get to meet and work with lots of people, be your own boss, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping buyers and sellers through one of life’s major milestones. And the rewards are good as well!


If you did not live in Malta, where would you see yourself?  



Give us the best piece of advice you will share with a younger person just starting out in life… 

Be your own idol and strive to always move forward 

Matthew Fenech

Did you have a great or awful time at school and would you relive some of the times if you could?  

For me personally school was great! I made lot of friends and we used to laugh a lot.  


What do you think are the main ingredients for a good party?  

Music and good company will do the trick! 


Can you get along without your mobile phone for a weekend?…. and whatever the answer, elaborate!  

Yes for sure! Whenever I am in nature or socializing in a group or maybe creating something,
I totally forget about my phone. 


What would be your superpower?  

Being physic! So I know what the answers to any of my questions are. 


What will you do if you had a time machine?  

I will go to the future to see the results of a big lottery draw and buy the winning ticket! 

Some interesting facts about matthew we’d like to share

What is your star sign: 

What is your favourite beverage? Coffee, tea, soft drinks…?: 
Water and coffee.  

Morning person or a night owl: 
Whatever is required… I function well at both times.  

Favourite month: 
August… my birthday month! 

Favourite season: 
Spring and summer  

What age would you choose…. if you could be that age forever? 


Idea of a fantastic night out:   Some food with a couple of drinks and a good laugh  

Name one thing that you regret not having done:

Restaurant sit-down meal or delivery/takeout: 
Sitting down in a quiet restaurant next to the sea is priceless.    

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