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Mr Frank Salt publishes his own book “Selling Real Estate”

13th December, 2020
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“Selling Real Estate” is the perfect handbook for all seasoned property consultants who are passionate about their job or for those who are aspiring to take up a rewarding career in real estate.

Written by Mr Frank Salt himself, the book aims to gather together all major traits and attributes needed for a real estate agent to do their job ethically well and successfully.

Mr Salt, who established Frank Salt Real Estate more than 50 years ago, has long felt the need to have a very simply written book, highlighting what agents should and should not do throughout the process and towards being successful. He therefore decided to put pen to paper and is very happy that this publication has coincided with the company’s recent 50th anniversary.

So many points are mentioned, which if practiced and assimilated in the agents’ character, would turn them into an excellent and first-class sales or letting consultant. “I would like to show the reader how important it is to work properly and ethically, whether selling or letting, and to do this by using all the attributes and traits, which when they become part of the agents’ character, will make it possible to achieve,” said Mr Salt. “It is a very easy book to read and all the descriptions given, make it easy to follow and understand how it can all become part of the agents’ character.”

The book is dedicated to his late wife Monica, who passed on just two months ago. It has been written by a man with over 50 years’ experience in the real estate business and who stands behind the most successful real estate company in Malta.

The most important element in the book is to enable the reader to understand what they should do, how to behave towards their clients and how to successfully conclude a sale or let by always having very good, honest and ethical behaviour at all times. “To those sporting many years of experience in this field, several things might seem obvious, but in reality, they may be failing to do when dealing with their clients,” he added.

“Selling Real Estate” will be sold worldwide on Amazon and will also be available in audio format and on kindle.

“Anybody can develop the skills mentioned in the book and nothing is impossible for those who work hard to achieve it. More importantly, you do not have to compromise your behaviour in order to be successful,” concluded Mr Salt.

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