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New Senior Appointment at Frank Salt Real Estate

25th April, 2021
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Frank Salt Real Estate Group has appointed Mandy Zaffarese as the new Human Resources Manager.

Mandy strongly believes in constant learning and development for herself and for the Frank Salt Real Estate team of consultants and admin staff and also aims to strike a balance between all priorities of the company and its employees.

“I also want to focus on boosting the company culture,” Mandy continues. “To help create a strong company culture in which we strive to keep the team engaged and interacting with each other, and therefore increase their participation and collaboration. In the long run, this will help enhance employee productivity, boosts morale and can also help reduce employee turnover rate”.

An avid adventurer herself, Mandy enjoys undertaking adrenaline and fitness activities and also relishes the fine things in life such as travel and fine dining.

“The role of the Human Resources Manager is diverse and challenging but we are very confident that Mandy will be instrumental in building HR organisational strategy in all its various aspects, while leading the company’s expansion in human capital”, concluded Director Douglas Salt.

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