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One year on – €21,000 in savings for Inspire Malta thanks to Frank Salt Real Estate

27th May, 2021
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It’s been a year since Inspire Malta has practically halved its electricity bill – thanks to solar energy generated by 454 PV solar panels installed on their roof top, fully funded by Frank Salt Real Estate.

The project which had been in the making since 2019, was officially launched twelve months ago.

In the first few months following installation and being in the midst of a pandemic, savings on energy bills were very high due to the fact that the premises were closed, so energy consumption was low. During the summer months, Inspire Malta was then saving nearly 50% where the generation of electricity was higher due to longer sunny days, whilst in the winter months around 30% was saved from electricity bills. This resulted in a total savings of just over €21,000 for the Inspire Foundation in 12 months!

This project was the brain child of company Director Grahame Salt and has been one of the main initiatives undertaken by Frank Salt Real Estate’s ‘Let’s Go Environmental Drive’ over the last few years, aimed at safeguarding and contributing towards the wellbeing of Malta’s environment. Other activities taken up included the maintenance of 4 public gardens in Swieqi and the adoption of green initiatives across all company offices, amongst many others.

“We are truly grateful to Frank Salt for this project which has already allowed us to save over €21,000 in a challenging and unprecedented year,” said Antonello Gauci, CEO Inspire Malta.    ”This is a project with long-term benefits that allows us, as a foundation, to focus solely on the quality of service for persons with a disability while being environmentally and financially sustainable. The savings from our electricity bills mean that we are able to invest in other projects which are important for our service-users,” concluded Mr Gauci.

“It’s great to see that our largest CSR project undertaken so far, is rendering such positive results, with Inspire managing to make an excellent return on investment, especially during this past pandemic year, ” added company Director Grahame Salt. “We are proud to have contributed to the well-being of the people who make use of Inspire’s programmes and services, whilst also leaving a positive impact on our environment.”

Currently running is My Green Corner Competition, which is another company CSR initiative aimed at raising more awareness on the importance of nourishing a greener urban landscape. By means of this initiative, the general public is being invited to submit photos of their landscaped area on their property, whilst entering the chance to win some great prizes.

Watch the video below to learn more about our collaboration with Inspire Malta foundation.


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