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Pets Welcome: How to Prepare a Pet-Friendly Property

18th October, 2018
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Tenants bring all sorts of interesting baggage with them – sometimes even in the form of small (or not so small) furry friends!

Pet-friendly property typically attracts tenants who stay for longer periods of time, as it may be difficult for them to find accommodation suited to their needs. The experienced team at Frank Salt Real Estate shares a few ways of transforming your rental property in Malta into a pet-friendly space.

1. Include a Pet Policy in the Rental Agreement

Make sure to include a pet policy in your lease, which every tenant living in the property should sign. Set out the terms and conditions clearly, with a clause related to damage and cleaning of the property at the end of the tenancy.

2. Choose Suitable Furniture

Newton’s (c)laws of motion clearly state that if there’s a sofa, someone’s cat will scratch it. Furniture with woven microfibre and stain resistant coating is highly durable, and can stand up to the peskiest of paws. Avoid materials such as velvet, silk, tweed or chenille, as they’re difficult to clean and tear easily.

3. Implement Safety Measures

Transforming your space into a pet-friendly property requires implementing certain safety measures. In order to prevent falls or accidents, set up protective barriers or grills around balconies, or terraces in high rise buildings. Fit a full fence around the garden if your property has one, to stop puppies or outdoor animals escaping.

4. Tenant Deposits

Most pet owners agree to paying slightly larger deposits or additional pet fees to cover any potential damages; however, don’t go overboard and charge way above the rental rate. A reasonable pet deposit will also make the tenants see the property as highly valuable, thus giving them the incentive to be more careful and mindful towards the furniture and other amenities.

5. Set Out Clear Do’s and Don’ts

They say that love is blind, and it’s doubly true when it comes to pet owners and their fur babies. Before your tenants move in, make sure that they know the rules and regulations of the community to which they are moving, including what kind of pet-related behaviour is or isn’t acceptable with the other residents. Creating a pet-friendly property is a two-way street.

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