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Rebranding Frank Salt Real Estate

22nd March, 2016
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As one of Malta’s most renowned real estate companies, Frank Salt has also become one of the island’s most recognisable brands.

While the brand will doubtlessly retain the integrity and experience associated with it, the logo has recently been revamped to make it more visually current and appealing to today’s customers.

To this effect, Frank Salt Real Estate’s rebranding process was led by the company’s chief operating officer Darren de Domenico. Mr De Domenico joined the team towards the end of 2014, and this exercise quickly became one of his primary goals. Now, with the process complete, he is pleased that the brand has come to clearly reflect the modern approach taken by this leading real estate agency but yet maintaining the core principals and history of the company.

Our Identity

“Identity is very important in today’s world and I believe in its intrinsic value,” he says. “Clients look for an identity they can recognise – whether it is a logo, an office design or style of corporate communication. It was time for us to bring all of that together and, as a result, we have now rolled out our new corporate design, together with a revamped logo, which I trust clearly represents who we are.”

Darren explains that the team worked hard to determine exactly what the company wished to portray through the rebranding of the company. “The Frank Salt Real Estate brand was already very established and recognised as a leading brand, so we knew we wanted to maintain what it represented while still bringing it forward to reflect its present and future approach,” he says.

The team invested a great deal of time and effort in developing the new logo. “We engaged and worked with one of the top branding firms to create the new logo and went into great detail to establish precisely what we wanted our logo to convey – and I assure you there was quite a number of important factors that needed to be communicated” continues Mr De Domenico. “Frank Salt Real Estate is a company with nearly fifty years’ experience and remains the most trusted real estate company on the market. Today the brand is recognised as a bench mark in the real estate sector in Malta and when it comes to service, professionalism, values and integrity, Frank Salt is a by far the leader – It was therefore important that our new logo communicated all this, and more.”

Our Logo

The new logo effectively manages to capture the company’s history, as well as its future. It combines elements of Frank Salt’s trademark ‘house’, which was very visible on the old logo, but has now been minimised to a modern outline of a roof, which as a result allows one to focus on the actual brand name. The logo still highlights that the company was established in 1969. “This longevity is important to us and to our customers, so it was vital that this was still incorporated, as it helps to confirm our experience in the market,” continues Mr de Domenico.

Furthermore, the company’s corporate colour palette has also by updated and is now stronger and bolder. The hues chosen reflect the rich green applied to traditional Maltese balconies and apertures, together with a touch of Sunkissed Gold, which successfully maintain the brand’s classic sensibility.

“These colours were chosen based on the market research we carried out. Contrary to what we originally thought, people really recognised and preferred our sense of establishment and classic style rather than change to something far too modern. We believe they will also stand the test of time,” Mr de Domenico explains.

“And that permanence is exactly what matters most to our clients. When someone intends to buy or sell a property, we believe, trust and experience are the key factors they will consider when choosing a real estate agency – and that is where we certainly excel, as there are few companies on the market that can provide the same level of knowledge and experience we offer.”

Our Success

“This is an exciting time for Frank Salt Real Estate. We are now midway through a five-year plan launched in 2014 and we have already achieved and surpassed most of the ambitious set targets – in fact we have succeeded in doubling our sales in two years. Meanwhile, as part of our expansion plan, we will shortly be opening new offices in Ibragg, Mosta, San Gwann, Fgura and Cospicua, and we are currently looking for sales and letting consultants who wish to join us and share the success.

“The rebranding exercise is all very much in line with this development, and we are now very keen to share it with the public and, of course, with the generations of customers who have been so loyal to Frank Salt Real Estate over the years,” Mr de Domenico concludes.

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