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The Autumn Edition of Frank Salt Property News (2018)

3rd September, 2018
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Another season is coming to an end and we hope you have and are still enjoying the warm weather. The summer months may be perceived as slow months by many, and though this may be true for several industries, it has certainly not been the case for real estate.

Our consultants have been as busy as ever keeping up with the constant demand in every sector of our business – buying, selling, letting, property management and home interiors. This has certainly kept us motivated and confident that the market has retained its strength.

If you have been following Frank Salt Real Estate, you would have certainly seen that this summer we launched our truly unbeatable First Time Buyers package. This scheme is an effort on our part to augment the Government benefits already in place for first time buyers. While benefitting from a reduction in stamp duty, first time buyers will further receive a gift pack with a substantial amount in vouchers when purchasing their first home through Frank Salt Real Estate. We invite you to read more about these unmissable gifts on page 7, and for a selection of first time buyer properties see pages 10 to 14, or visit our dedicated webpage new.malta-gozo-property.com/first-time-buyer.

In addition to a selection of properties available on our books, this issue also features a few interesting articles. On page 17 we discuss sole agency agreements and why, as a seller, you can certainly benefit by jumping on this bandwagon – from raising your chances of a quick sale to a reduction in commission, we believe there is only one way to go: sole agency. Turn to page 35 to read about our very thorough property management services; with over 49 years’ experience in real estate, you would not want to entrust your property with anyone but Frank Salt Real Estate. Another interesting read may be found on page 41, where we share our advice for aspiring landlords – if there ever has been a time for buy-to-let, it is now.

With Frank Salt Real Estate being so busy brings me to an important point: we are always on the look-out for fresh, quality talent. Whether you are a seasoned property consultant or someone who has never worked in real estate before, we have openings for ambitious people from all walks of life. Our intensive training programme will ensure that you are well equipped to make the most of this very rewarding career, all you need to bring with you is the right attitude. Please click here to apply.

We’d like to conclude by thanking our clients for their constant trust and support, our online followers who contribute so much into keeping our brand alive, and you readers for taking the time to flip through these pages. While we have selected some of the best properties we have available on our books for this issue, please remember to check into our website www.new.malta-gozo-property.com for a vast and comprehensive collection of properties, many of which are on sole agency agreement, which means you will not be able to find them elsewhere.

We look forward to connecting with you at Christmas time. In the meantime, we wish you much success in your property endeavour!

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