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Where To Stay In Malta: Buying Or Renting A Property

21st July, 2017
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Malta St Julians

Malta Reborn

As the bougainvillea’s fat cream and crimson petals unfold and fall half crinkled to the   ground, summer is heralded in on the Maltese islands. Such is the spirit in which the day begins – the joy of discovery lies at the heart of the best adventures.

It is true that the Maltese islands are known for drawing its more well-known inhabitants either by accident or due to them being under some form of duress – St. Paul who was shipwrecked,St. Agatha who is said to have hid in the catacombs before moving onto Italy, Byron who was not at all impressed with Malta…but we will hear from him later on.

The ease of life that defines the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’ from Valletta & Mdina, to the beach oasis of Golden Sands & Ramla l-Hamra is what is all the rave.

It’s time to realise Malta’s full potential.

Why choose Malta as your home?

Is it because of the weather? Having the sea, sand and unavailable practically all year round with mild to moderate winters,peppered with a few wonderful storms. Is it because of the short commutes? Being such a small island you can travel from one tip to the other in a matter of hours.

Although there is a lot of traffic at certain times, it is still quite an advantage in comparison to hours spent having to travel from home to work overseas. And what about the people, the dining, the shopping?

Can you see yourself relocating to Malta? Establish your business here, kick-start your family life, or perhaps even retire to Malta?

Malta has been ranked as one of the most popular places for people to retire to for the last couple of years.

With its legacy of grand hotels the island makes for a great holiday, so it’s more of an excuse to come and visit to see if Malta is for you. Why not make it a more personal venture from the start and rent out an apartment to experience the incredible journey awaiting you in the Mediterranean.

It’s all a question of lifestyle; creating the getaway you are seeking.


This is what staying and renting in Malta has to offer

The beauty of the Maltese islands, is in the rough and rugged landscape of the land. It’s not necessarily lush, yet there is a uniqueness to it. Language is of course an important issue when deciding to emigrate. The good thing is that language is most probably not going to be a barrier. Malta is becoming ever more multicultural.

The two national languages are Maltese and English, most people understand and talk Italian, French or German. So you should be able to communicate in some form.

It might be fun and interesting to take a few Maltese language courses too, so that you can use a few words and phrases – especially when doing the daily rounds or shopping.


When it comes to real estate itself the rental rates are also reasonable, without a doubt it all depends on the locality and the size of what you’re looking for. The other advantage is that Malta is bang in the middle of the Mediterranean so it is relatively close to many countries. This means that given 3-4 hours you can reach most of Europe, with the added bonus that many cheap flight companies operate from Malta.

New business to root down, looking for a fresh start or preparing your retirement programme?

Malta Beutifull Island

Welcome to the City of Dreamers

Malta has become a magnet for free-spirits and entrepreneurs. The cultural fabric is flourishing as the island celebrates possibilities. With a new cultural arena emerging, private apartments and villa rentals boosting, visitors are being given access to the country’s beating heart.

How about making this your permanent state of mind?! Whether you’re looking to open a business or simply settle down for a different scene, why would you choose Malta? Malta is known to be a very safe country.

The main cities are calm compared to the major cities abroad, and the rural areas are too. When you’re looking for some fun and excitement with regards to nightlife then you know where to find it – the Maltese call it Paceville (an area in St. Julian’s).

Crime rates are relatively low, which is good to keep in mind. When it comes to affordability the island is and isn’t – this is island living after all and in some ways Malta is becoming more expensive. The daily requirements are easily attained and with so many supermarkets about, convenience is guaranteed.

When it comes to dining out you’re very much spoilt for choice, if you love your food. There are some very fine dining places worth enjoying. The culinary skills on the island really distinguish Maltese living.

The islands are rich in history. The main cities are surrounded by fortifications dating back to the Knights stay on the island. There are various sites, caves and Neolithic temples scattered around the island. The Knights really developed the island as we know it today, many of the fortifications and watchtowers still stand and have either been turned into national sites or house companies or are eateries in certain cases.

There is plenty to feast your eyes on in Malta and in Gozo. Talking of feasting, the religious feasts are a summer special in Malta. They are something unique to the Mediterranean way of life.

You do not have to be religious to appreciate the work that goes into these events or enjoy the colourful fireworks as they are fired over the sea. There are usually many processions accompanying the feast days as well, so you will see many statues paraded along a certain route.

Then there are our beaches – the quintessential element to the Maltese island and to Maltese living. Our lives on the island are probably very much defined by having the sea surrounding us.

There are so many activities and sea sport companies or tutors, from diving to snorkeling, surfing to SUPing (stand-up-paddling), kayaking to canoeing – all this will surround you.

There’s something about this lifestyle that captures and captivates…come and be part of the creative taste makers on the island.

scuba diving

Finding your Spot

Which part of the island is for you? Nothing beats coming to Malta and Gozo, simply going round the island to explore what you want. This way you can figure out which area best suits you.

Those who want to stray away from hectic cities find that inland, western and southern areas are more appropriate for them.

The inner harbour region – which includes St. Julian’s, Sliema and Msida – are popular especially for those who are working or looking for work, as these areas are really the hub of activity in Malta.

Gozo, on the other hand, offers peace and quiet. Its wonderful scenery and rugged charm offer a break from all the distractions of the hectic life. It is perfect for those who appreciate walks, and love exploring the island on their bike.

Although it is not usually thought of with regards to opening new businesses, it should also be kept in mind depending on the nature of the business.

If you do not require many people to come to you physically, and possibly can simply work from home then it is a perfect option. Gozo, being so calm, there will be very few distractions coming from anything – very limited light and noise pollution in most areas.

Though Comino is another good sized island, and it does have 4 inhabitants, it is not sought after as a home venue. Rather, it is a get-away, a great day escape for you to look forward to on those clear winter days, to have a walkabout or a dip in the gorgeous Blue Lagoon in the summer months.

When it comes to amenities most towns in Malta and Gozo include a good selection of shopping centres, supermarkets or grocery stores, a pharmacy, clinic and church.

Malta View Sea

The main areas for you

These places have been chosen after taking into consideration the amount of accessibility, along with various factors including the possibility for you to walk, eat, shop, visit, enjoy and relax!

St. Julian’s

This is the place to be if you want to be close to the energy, close to everything.


You’re in walking distance from the promenade, many restaurants, the clubbing scene (that is, Paceville again), shopping arcades and supermarkets, the cinema and bowling alley, hotels and much more…


There are loads of old and new restaurants for casual as well as fine dining.


Walk to St. George’s Bay and spend the day or one of the hotel’s pools, or go to one of the hotel’s spas to be pampered.


Both these adjacent towns place you at the heart of the action.Surrounded by sea, there’s plenty of space to walk, run, swim, and you have great views of Valletta or St. Julian’s (depending on which side you’re on).

Many of the places you can buy or rent now are actually apartments; yet you will be able to find houses further away from Gzira towards Ta’ Xbiex or on the way to St. Julian’s area. Both Sliema and Gzira would be a notch quieter than St. Julian’s in general.

st julians sliema view


You are basically surrounded by shops in Sliema, there’s no escaping them. There are fewer shops in the Gzira area.


There are various eateries in Sliema and Gzira, and you might want to check out the bars and restaurants on Manoel Island which is right opposite Gzira. The island is also a lovely walk along the front from the Sliema area


The art galleries and studios are a lovely treat or have ago at some diving.


You’ll find a lot of historical places to visit here along with museums and palaces. From the Parliament, to the various gardens (the Upper and Lower Barrakka areas), going down to St. John’s Co-Cathedral which houses Caravaggio’s ‘The Beheading of St. John the Baptist’ (there are many other churches around the city including Orthodox and Protestant ones) and a lovely museum.

st johns cathedral valletta

The iconic Cafe’ Cordina is opposite the National Library. Further down you will find more of the typical narrow streets, many of which have steps at the side. Many are flocking to Valletta, turning old palazzino’s into their new apartments or boutique hotels.


Valletta is the city to walk through- simple as that.


The city has become a magnet for cosy bars and restaurants of every type. Here you will also find the only Whiskey Bar on the island. Restaurants next to the wharf area or the Waterfront offer spectacular views of the Three Cities, especially at night.


Here you will find more artisan places, and old establishments which are still running for the most part.

St. Paul’s Bay

This place is the perfect place if you want to be surrounded by rocky beaches and have closer access to the northern part of the island and the ferry to Gozo. This is a very touristy area, many British enjoying coming to this part of the island.

st pauls bay malta beautiful beaches


Sea-sport activities or hanging out at the beach.

Looking for something more exclusive and further from the crowd? How about looking into areas such as Madliena, Mdina (and Gozo too!)


Definitely the first choice right now. The exclusivity is in the fact that you’re in a quiet area, so you’re cut off but only a 5 minute drive down to the town to do the shopping. There are great views of the beach and the town below from many parts of Madliena. Here you will find villas (detached and semi-detached) and a few mansions.


If you fall in love with the ‘Silent City’s’ charm and are lucky enough to find a house, or palazzino for sale then go for it! It’s a beautiful area, and you’re in the centre of the island with great views. Many of the houses here are handed down through the generations.

mdina malta best places in malta to stay


This isn’t a locality it’s true, yet with Gozo all localities are pretty similar as far as lifestyle goes. The Gozitan retreat that is inspiring the healthy side to life. To get away from the distractions and the bright lights this is the place to be.

Gozo is the place to reset – if you’re staying to live or just visit. You will find the people here are quite laid back and though there is less hustle and bustle there is more raw and untouched land which is perfect to explore…if you just walk, your stay on the island will be well worth it.

gozo best place to live

Sometimes we need a bit of desert in our lives – to get out of the chaos of the city, the life moulded by routine and enclosed by mammoth structures; simply bringing the focus back to you.z

Malta View Church

Keep your mind at rest

If you’re now enticed, don’t worry about the little issues. You will find many people on the island who will offer support and help, including: legal advice and services, interior consultancy services and setting up connections with regards to TV, internet, and telephone and all the other things that need to be looked into when moving.

There is also the possibility of pre-renting your preferred property over the internet – so that it is readily available when you get here if that’s a safer option for you. This is how Malta is perfect for you to flourish in.

Let the energy of this new wave allow you to strip everything back to what matters, let the sea that surrounds us open up your soul. This is a treasure of an island, calling it your home is your choice. There is a unique light to Malta, filtering through a haze of smog as the sunsets is always striking.

where to stay in malta

Looking to rent or buy a property in Malta or Gozo? Visit our website and follow Frank Salt Facebook Page or contact us at Frank Salt Real Estate.

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