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Winter is Coming: Breathe Some Warmth Into Your House of Character

30th August, 2018
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If you own a house of character in Malta or Gozo, you don’t need us to tell you that one of the biggest problems you constantly face is keeping the interior warm enough before penguins start wandering across your living room.

Houses of character are beautiful and charming pieces of property, but they do require a certain amount of regular upkeep and maintenance, and certainly some form of climate control. Although we may still be in the depth of summer, it won’t be long before we swap our constant complaining about the heat for constant complaining about the cold, in true Maltese fashion.

Here are our tips on how to insulate the inside of your house of character to help you and your guests feel toasty warm come wintertime!

Check which areas actually need insulation

Houses which were built a few years before WWII were rarely, if ever, insulated, so if your home is as old – or older – than that, chances are that you probably freeze during the colder seasons! If you’ve got one, have a look at your fireplace and check whether the dampers are working properly; if not, they could be adding to the dampness and humidity. Warm air could also be leaking from various (and often overlooked) areas, such as cracks around the windows or electrical outlets.

Examine your stone walls

Ah, stone, the nemesis of so many Maltese homeowners. To prevent decay, old stone buildings need to be able to absorb and release moisture, so ideally your chosen method of insulation wouldn’t interfere with this process. Check for gaps around windows or doors which could be causing draughts and allowing heat to escape. It’s important to find and solve these issues beforehand; ignoring them will only serve to exacerbate the problem. Ensure that there is enough ventilation to provide a balance between warmth and air circulation.

Secondary glazing for windows

Put in very simple terms, secondary glazing involves the addition of extra glazing on the inside of an existing, single glazed window. It’s far better for an old house of character than double glazing, as it doesn’t disrupt the historic fabric of the building, therefore preserving its authenticity. Not only does secondary glazing prevent heat loss, but it also acts as an excellent noise insulator. If all else fails, barricade your home and prepare for an invasion of White Walkers. One of Dany’s dragons wouldn’t hurt either. (Sorry – we just really love Game of Thrones!)

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