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Frank Salt Real Estate Launches Innovitive Managed Sole Agency Package

9th June, 2022
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70% of properties entrusted to Frank Salt Real Estate on a traditional sole agency listing are sold within 75 days! Malta’s largest real estate group have now come up with a new managed sole agency offer that will improve on that record.

Experience has shown that there are a number of key elements that must be in place for a property to sell. Owners often find the sale process frustrating as they struggle to manage appointments, understand client feedback, negotiate the right deal for their home and manage the process from signing the promise of sale to signing the final deed.

With this new offer, Frank Salt Real Estate shall be addressing all of these issues at no extra charge.

Firstly, a dedicated and experienced agent will be assigned to an owner to act as their primary point of contact. The correct advice shall be given with regards to pricing and presentation. This agent will hand-hold the owner all the way and will be responsible for everything from coordination of appointments, client feedback and negotiation of price and terms.

Secondly, the company shall prepare professional marketing material for every property. Their in-house photographer is the leader in local real estate photography. Owners shall also be offered property staging since presentation of a home is so important. Your home will be given prominent marketing positioning on all the company’s social media platforms, on their websites and within branch window displays. Also, the property will be given prominence in all overseas marketing.

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“We have always led the local real estate industry forward, and I believe it is really time to take another step forward and market properties in a more professional manner.

With this new managed sole agency, we shall give owners the dedicated assistance they deserve in order to not only make the sale process quicker and more efficient, but also to take away all the frustration owners are currently experiencing. Nobody knows the local market better than we do and we want to channel all our experience to improve on our current service” said company director Grahame Salt.”.


The company will also work with other agencies who may wish to show the property to their clients. The Frank Salt Real Estate agent who has been assigned to the property owner will coordinate all appointments and viewings and this way a property owner will only ever have to deal with one person.

We are very proud of our sales and letting teams and everyone is dedicated to offering home owners the best service possible. People want results. We are fully confident that owners who trust us with the marketing and sale of their property will not be disappointed. People searching for property will also benefit from a better and more professional experience” said Salt.

Additional information on the new packages can be found at new.malta-gozo-property.com/msa

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