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Tips on making best use of space for your rental property

12th February, 2021
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Rental properties come in all sizes: from bedsitters to large villas.  No matter what category yours fall under, one of the most important factors of making a rental property appealing to a tenant and therefore maximising chances of letting it faster, is making the best of the space available to you. This does not mean cramming in as much as you can in a room; instead, spend some time configuring layouts and decide wisely how to accentuate each room’s best attributes with the appropriate furniture.

You need to show prospective tenants how they can and will live in the property instead of making them feel as if they are living in your personal storage unit! Consider a property’s structure and layout as your blank canvas, as this you cannot change: what you can do is enhance it and make it an aspirational lifestyle statement with the right furniture and layout choices. Here are our top tips:

Entrance Hall

Use a half-moon table against a wall with a mirror above it to create an illusion of more space, install a low-set shelf for dropping items such as glasses, keys, bags, and more. Install a row of beautifully mounted hooks to hang coats, jackets, umbrellas, or keys on.


Kitchens often end up as one of the smallest spaces in the apartment. Make use of unused vertical space by installing floating shelves. Stack often used items on the lower ones and use upper shelves that are hard to reach for décor items.

modern kitchen malta


Again, look at the walls for additional space to install shelves and mirrors. You can also have free standing coat racks to hang towels or bathrobes on and if you can, install a heated towel rail for extra storage and drying. Investigate buying a stainless steel corner shelf for the shower as these simply stick to the wall and require no drilling or holes.


Place a storage unit at the bottom of the bed that can double as seating when people get dressed. Centre the bed in any room and have

 an extra high, luxuriously upholstered headboard to draw the eye upwards and create an illusion of space. Use pendant side-lights so that the side tables provide additional space and not cluttered with bulky lamps.

Living Rooms

living room with sofa

Wall mount TVs and place a narrow, long storage unit underneath them. Once again, floating shelves can be used for décor items and even as bookshelves to draw the eye upwards. Use an “L”-shaped daybed (with storage space underneath) to demarcate the living room area from the dining room and bring everything together with a modern, neutral colour carpet placed underneath a shatterproof glass-top table. The latter is functional and promotes an illusion of space.

Dining Rooms

If a dining room/area is small, rather get a smaller table that can extend or fold out for extra guests and purchase stylish, see-through dining room chairs to open up the space. Large framed wall mirrors will create the illusion of additional space and reflect light as well. Glass top tables also create a feeling of more and bigger space.

Home Office

An unused bedroom can be turned into a home office: use a wide, built-in shelf as your desk or install a fold-away table in case guests want to sleep over on your pull-out couch that doubles as seating and a bed. Here, also mount any TVs on the wall.

The watchwords for today’s rental properties are functionality, minimalism, style, and purpose. If something is simply a dust gatherer and nothing else, get rid of it as it only adds to the clutter: this goes for décor items and furniture.

Still unsure of what to do to refresh and update your rental property?

A member of our Home Interiors team, together with one of our Letting Consultants, can come over to get a feel of the property. We will be able to put together a list of what is required to freshen up the space, together with a cost estimate. Once approved our handymen can take care of carrying out any dirt works required, whilst our home interiors can help you source any furniture or finishing needed.

The result? Your property will be prepped up to achieve the best rental return possible, ensuring a timely, cost-effective and hassle-free process for you.

Get in touch.


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