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Home is Where the Charm is: Reasons to Buy Property in the Three Cities

11th April, 2019
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Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa), Senglea (Isla) and Bormla (Cospicua), collectively known as the Three Cities and which lie on the Grand Harbour, are important historic urban areas offering a slice of authentic Maltese life and plenty to explore.

As experts in property in Malta, our team at Frank Salt Real Estate takes a look at several reasons many are choosing to buy property in the Three Cities.

1. Steeped in History

Although as a resident you’re not going to constantly be sightseeing, you can virtually feel the history and enormous amount of cultural wealth all around you. From the Phoenicians and the Order of St. John to acting as a fortification during the Great Siege in 1565, the Three Cities hold a rich, fascinating history.

2. Charm & Character

Due to the history surrounding them, The Three Cities provide a far more authentic look and feel of ordinary Maltese life. In fact, one of the best things to do in the three cities is to simply walk around its residential alleys, climb the steps, and admire the traditional architectural features, wall lamps and balconies.

Having existed since the Middle Ages and being the oldest of the Three Cities, Birgu’s maze of backstreets and alleys oozes a particularly magical charm, enhanced further by the many plants its residents decorate the pavements with. And the best part is that many of these backstreets are pedestrian, so you won’t be hearing the constant sound of constant cars as a resident.

3. Entertainment

Although less commercial than Valletta and Mdina, there are a number of events, restaurants and classy wine bars to keep you entertained. From regattas, the Senglea Maritime festival, village feasts and the renowned annual BirguFest, which culminates in ‘Birgu by Candlelight’, the Three Cities is a hive of activity.

4. You’re never too far from a port or yacht marina…

The Birgu Yacht Marina is the heart of the Three Cities. Not much beats strolling along the waterfront or sitting down for a drink or lunch with a view!

5. … or Stunning Views

Even if the property you buy is not directly on the coast, you’re only just a few minutes’ walk from spectacular views while atop historic coastal fortifications, be it from the Gardjola gardens in Senglea – which offer a different angle to Valletta, or soaking up the vistas from Fort St. Angelo.

6. Traditional houses

If modern property in Malta just isn’t for you, these areas offer plenty of charming townhouses and houses of character, some of which have been converted while keeping traditional features such as original tiles and wooden beams. The incredible craftsmanship, quality materials, the stories these old houses tell and the history they hold make for truly unique, characterful dwellings. If, however, you prefer a more modern property within the historic environment, you could always opt for an apartment with gorgeous views of the grand harbour marina and Senglea!

Looking for Property in Malta That’s Nestled in History and Character?

The Cities have provided a home and fortress to almost everyone who has settled on the islands. So if you’re looking for a property in the Three Cities to make your own, contact us and one of our agents will be glad to assist in finding the right place for you.

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