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12th November, 2015
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A welcomed challenge by Frank Salt Real Estate consultants

While stopping for a snack at the Grassy Hopper, I got to chatting with a group of colleagues working as property consultants for Frank Salt Real Estate who had stopped for a quick bite before heading back onto the field.

I could quickly make out that they were all very upbeat about real estate, with rentals experiencing an unprecedented boom, particularly from the non-Maltese market. Brian, James, Rodney and Adrian all hail from the San Gwann branch of Frank Salt Real Estate, which covers a relatively massive area at the heart of our island, of course from San Gwann to Birkirkara, Mosta, Naxxar, the Three Villages, Zebbug and many others. They are constantly in direct contact with people, be they looking to buy property in the region, or else already from the surroundings and considering elsewhere. Such is the service offered by these enthusiastic chaps and the rest of their colleagues. Quite a mix of experience levels and backgrounds, with Brian and Adrian having their roots in the catering industry, which itself stresses the hospitality elements of their job. James is the youngest of this lot yet clearly smart and buzzing with enthusiasm, whilst Rodney started out on the construction side of property and now relishes in the adrenalin rush of property selling, which is known to offer a challenging initial few months until one learns the ropes and makes the first sale.

Yet as our orders reached the table, Brian interjects with his unique experience; that of closing a sale on his very first day with his very first sales call, and with only one property visit. We chuckle at Brian’s beginner’s luck, as The Grassy Hopper’s very helpful and charming serving staff deftly served us up with our order of Vegan Cheese and Pickle wrap with tomatoes and lettuce, Mung Bean Noodle with a homemade peanut and tamari sauce, together with grilled carrots and zucchini and four Veggie Burgers; Sweet Potato, Portobello Mushroom and two by Spicy Chick Pea- one with cheese and the other without.

A high demand for rental properties

As we chew on our delicious greens with gusto, talk falls back on the current enormous demand for rental properties, largely due to the very high concentration of gaming companies in this area who have attracted hundreds of non-Maltese workers. Brian highlights a very important selling point about this location. Whereas many are the Maltese who seem keen to move out of central areas due to excessive activity, noise and busy tempo, younger newcomers are looking for residences with very close access to entertainment centres and other general services, preferably on a bus route. When one is considering investing in a rental property, one must not look at it from his or her eyes and preferences, but must seek all that makes them attractive. The same goes for size, as we seem to look for roomy apartments whereas one or two bedroomed flats in a fit state will fly off the books, as many of these youths would’ve been accustomed to occupying smaller quarters. Moreover, knowing that rental properties generate a return of investment of around 5% according to the current scenario, properties having these sought-after characteristics will be on the market for even less than a week.

In good hands with Frank Salt Real Estate

Of course, this can only happen thanks to the vast experience that Frank Salt Real Estate has gained from decades of working the local market and more importantly, from the trust it enjoys, that same trust that a potential client invests in the relationship with the property consultant, who will fight his corner every step of the way. They will help you through the confusing paperwork and will make sure that all the required details and research are compiled in time. They know what they’re doing and you can rest assured that if looking for property, your real estate consultant will show you the best available. Of course, amateur brokers would not be able to provide this level of service even if they wanted to, since they don’t have the technical background at hand.

As we wolfed down the utterly flavoursome veggies and washed them down with The Grassy Hopper’s very own delightful lemon juice, Adrian got a call and politely flew off the table to meet a potential client, leaving his Spicy Chick Pea Burger for us to ravage. It is clear for all to see that these five chaps, some seasoned, others rather new to the industry, thoroughly enjoy their job at Frank Salt Real Estate. They all emphasised that the kick they get with every contract, irrespective of the value, is a driving force like no other. The unpredictable nature of their day at work is another. They could be having a quiet day, when a call gets them to visit a centuries old palazzo. A slow month will suddenly turn into one of sheer bonanza as hard work gets more than adequately rewarded. These property consultants are pretty much their own boss, yet benefit from the full support that only a professional set up like Frank Salt Real Estate can offer. From where I stand, the grass is certainly greener at Frank Salt Real Estate.

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