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Frank Salt Real Estate turns pink in honour of breast cancer awareness month

31st October, 2022
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October is synonymous with breast cancer awareness, and as per tradition, Frank Salt Real Estate ran a number of stunts and marketing campaigns via its social media channels in solidarity with breast cancer survivors and to spread awareness about early detection of breast cancer.

Such activities included countryside walks, ‘bring your pet to work wearing pink’ day, healthy pink smoothie days, and more. Lanyards supplied by www.maltawristbands.com and other marketing collateral was also made available to staff members and clients. Funds were also raised and donated to Hospice Malta, a local voluntary organisation that provides free of charge palliative care for patients suffering from cancer.

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in Malta, with one in every eight women expected to suffer from the disease through her life. Over 300 new breast cancer cases are recorded per year, 1% of those being male. However, the survival rate is much higher when cancer is diagnosed in its early stages.

“We truly believe in the importance of the Pink October Malta. Awareness is crucial to ensure high survival rates for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.” said Grahame Salt. “Throughout the month of October, as a company we try make our staff and the public at large more aware that although Breast Cancer is a harsh reality, many do survive the battle. It is important to take precautions and follow the advice of the health professions. Furthermore, it is vital to check yourself regularly. Doing so may lead to early diagnosis which in turn could save your life.”

Get for more information about the work carried out by Hospice Malta, or to make a donation. 

Read more about Malta’s Breast Screening programme.

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