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Sofa so good? What to do when you want to buy a new sofa for your home and how to prevent being disappointed with your new (and expensive) purchase!

19th October, 2020
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You are excited about the weekend’s shopping expedition to go and look for a sofa. You have done your research online, set your budget and made your choice as to exactly what you want. You have called the shop and they have one in stock. It’s now Saturday morning and its go, go, go![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Scenario 1: You arrive at the shop and they sold the last of the sofas you like an hour ago.

  • Solution: Put down a deposit and ask them to mark it as “SOLD” on the floor.

Scenario 2: It is the design you like, but the colour is not right

  • Solution: Do not buy it or settle for second best. Order the one you want and rather wait or look for another, better option.

Scenario 3: The sofa was delivered to your home, but you can’t get it through the door!

  • Solution: Besides removing the door frame to possibly get it through or hiring a lifter to bring it via your balcony, make sure you take the measurements of the doors and access points with you when you go shopping. This includes the entrance to your building, the lift or stairs.

Scenario 4: The sofa has been placed where you want it, but you have no space to move near or around it, as it is hopelessly too big!

  • Solution: Again, measure, measure and re-measure beforehand. Get the sofa’s dimensions from the shop and mark it out on the floor where you are going to place it with tape. This will give you a good indication of what you can expect once the sofa has been placed in its permanent spot.

Scenario 5:  You need a sofa, but are not in the situation where you can afford to buy a new one. What solutions are there?

  • Solution: Check online offers for demo models, which are usually available at a huge discount. Also see online sites like MaltaPark where you can find some great bargains.

Below are some family-related examples when you are given or inherit a sofa, whether you like it or not (always remember you probably have been given the sofa with the best of intentions):

Scenario 6: Your grandparents gave you their old sofa and you did not have the heart to say no. What do you do with the dinosaur that is now a permanent fixture in your lounge?

  • Solution: Instead of upsetting the whole family and throwing it in the skip, have it recovered and upcycled! There are many ways of doing this: you can have it completely reupholstered which is costly, or you can buy a slip cover in any pattern, design and colour online at a fraction of the cost. It will then be as good as new and it will fit in with your décor!

Scenario 7:  Your partner moved in and brought their old sofa with. You hate it but do you have to live with it to keep the peace or can you insist on getting rid of it?

  • Solution: At the risk of having a huge argument and hurting their feelings by getting rid of their choice of furniture, rather suggest that you look at revamping it. The solution will be the same as in scenario 6!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]As you can see, the world of buying furniture or consolidating it with someone else’s can be very complex. When buying new, the best advice is to compare styles and designs and speak to floor consultants and decorators at the shop of your choice. They are professionals and pair furniture in their shop displays, including sofas, in a home-like setting with everyday items and complementary colours. Just remember, it was likely the setup of their showroom floor that originally seduced you to want to buy the sofa in the first place! Lastly, do not be afraid to take a picture of your living room with you: show it to the sales staff and get their professional opinion as to what design and colour of sofa will be your best choice. When inheriting a family piece or a partner’s, remember to be as diplomatic and accommodating as possible…a solution is always at hand.

Happy sofa hunting![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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