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Spark Joy and Declutter Your Home: 5 Tips from Marie Kondo!

15th April, 2019
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Organising consultant Marie Kondo has taken both the East and West by storm – who knew that all it took was a tiny, adorable Japanese woman to make tidying up fun?

As a leading estate agency in Malta, Frank Salt Real Estate also offers a home interiors consultancy service; we know how easily a space can become messy and cluttered despite one’s best efforts! Here are a few tips from Marie Kondo’s “KonMari Method” we think are worth including in your tidying routine.

1. Too Many Waves of Nostalgia Will Eventually Drown You

Tokimeku – keeping items that only “spark joy” within your soul – is the concept on which much of Kondo’s philosophy is based. Every episode of her show features a segment in which the homeowners are asked to empty out all their belongings (by category) into a pile, hold on to each item for a few seconds to see whether it still evokes any emotion. If not – out it goes! It’s all too easy to become attached to objects that we don’t actually need; this technique highlights how nostalgia is one of the biggest causes of clutter.

2. Fill Your Home with Little Delights

Those items that spark joy? Put the ornamental ones on display! Decluttering doesn’t only involve throwing old items away – it also means discovering the most meaningful objects you own and how placing them in a certain way can give your home that personal, uplifting touch.

3. Fold, Not Hang Your Clothes

Kondo uses a special, vertical folding method that serves to display your clothing as “fabric origami” inside your dresser or chest-of-drawers. Stack clothes side by side and make your closet space look Instagram-friendly!

4. KonMari Your Komono!

The word komono is Japanese for “miscellaneous”; in this case, all items that aren’t books, clothes, or anything sentimental (such as kitchenware). Start by organising CDs, DVDs, make-up, household equipment and kitchen goods, ending with other random objects you have in the house. Recycle those things you don’t want or need by donating them to others; organise the ones you want to keep in small boxes by category.

5.Hit the Sack

Even Kondo herself admits that tidying can often become overwhelming – so she just takes a break or goes to sleep. Tidying is a process, not a marathon; in fact, each episode of her show takes place over 30 days.

Our Estate Agency in Malta Can Help Spark Joy By Finding You Your Dream Home!

There’s no beating Frank Salt Real Estate when looking for a top real estate agency in Malta. From a vast database of all kinds of property to our home interior consultancy, our team will be there for you every step of the way. Contact us today and one of our friendly and experienced estate agents will soon be in touch!


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