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Owning and Maintaining a Garden

18th February, 2016
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Owning a residence with a garden not only provides a lovely environment to its residents, but also increases the property’s value. For many property seekers, outdoor space, preferably a garden or roof terrace is a prerequisite, be it for easy access to their own area of greenery and nature, or perhaps for entertaining.

It is worth mentioning that gardening per se makes a great hobby. Even a small garden patch can offer immense benefits, both physical and psychological. People who garden frequently can vouch for the calming effects of being in touch with nature on a daily basis, albeit an average level of physical exertion and effort. If done right, it can be an extremely rewarding hobby, as you witness your garden come to life and reap what you sow.

Successful gardening does require good planning, even more so in Malta, where rainfall is scarce, and there are relatively long spans of hot temperatures. With Spring fast approaching, it is time to start planning your green area for the year ahead.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for better gardening throughout the dry months.

Use large pots to maintain moisture

Avoid using small pots as the soil dries up quickly and watering of plants will have to be done more frequently. Furthermore, you can improve the quality of the soil by adding peat and compost which retains moisture more efficiently due to its organic content.

Keep your large pots light

While using large pots is preferable for water retention, they could become rather heavy to manoeuvre. In order to avoid this problem, fill the bottom of the pot with polystyrene peanuts, then cover them with a layer of landscape fabric and place the soil on top of them. Using compost and peat will further reduce the weight of your pot.

Place your plants strategically

It would be wise to group your plants according to how much water they require. Too much water can destroy delicate flowers and plants whilst those that need plenty of water will be targeted altogether, thereby saving on water and time. Additionally, plants that require less sunlight can be placed in a shadier area of the garden, in order to prevent them from drying out.

Trap your water

Trapping the water in the pots, known as mulching, will ensure that the soil remains moist and the roots cool. This is done by placing some sort of natural cover over the soil with something like pebbles thereby reducing evaporation. Moreover, it reduces the likelihood of forming weeds, which will compete for the water and soil nutrients of your beloved plant.

Easy Shovelling

If you have a soil patch which requires frequent shovelling, spray your garden shovel with a silicone lubricant. This would act as a non-stick layer that allows the soil to slip right off your shovel without creating any hassle or unwanted mess.

Choose the right plants

Some plants can endure certain weather for longer periods and it would therefore be beneficial to select plants that can handle droughts and dry weather in general. Furthermore, if you intend on maintaining your garden properly but have a hectic lifestyle, opt for low maintenance plants and avoid being disappointed.

Enjoy the fruits you reap!

The best part about owning a garden is the fact that you can grow your own organic food which is both rewarding and healthy. If your garden is spacious enough, you may also be able to grow enough food to cut down on some expenses considerably. The advantages of owning a garden are endless!

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