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Simple Steps Toward an Eco-Friendly Home

7th October, 2021
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The time to consider the implementation of eco-friendly ways to live our lives is not a choice any longer. For the sake of our planet, we have to make it part of our homes, what we eat, our transport and even what we wear. Sustainable living and carbon neutrality is a must for all of us and we have to do our best to contribute. Not only will we help the environment, we will save money too in the long run so it is just the most sensible option. 

Here are simple steps toward having an eco-friendly home:

1. Energy efficient technology and appliances

 Here are simple steps toward having an eco-friendly home:Look at the ratings of your appliances and go for those rated best. A new ratings system has come into effect as of 1 March 2021. The most effective appliances will now fall under a rating of “B” or  “C” as an “A” rating is now subject to the strictest of qualifying criteria and not many will achieve this at present.
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2. Switch off appliances when not in use 

We are a nation of “standby” addicts. Having an appliance such as a TV or anything else on standby STILL consumes electricity. Appliances are required to consume no more than 0.5 Watts in standby or in off mode and the latter has already reduced electricity consumption for the EU block by as much as 35.5 Terawatt Hours per year. Switching appliances off is still the best option by far: do it for one year and you will see the savings reflected on your electricity bill.

3. Eat less meat at home

Eating a piece of meat involves the rearing of the animal, the pesticides and antibiotics, transport, refrigeration and an endless list of institutions in the supply chain. They all make use of fossil fuels until that piece of meat reaches your table. Collectively, the cost is far too high if you eat meat regularly. Having red meat once or twice a week will not only save money, it will also save the planet. 
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4. Invest in solar panels and LED lights

The initial cost of solar panels may be expensive, but there are all kinds of incentives from the government to assist one. Plus, you will end up making money in the end by adding to the grid. Your carbon footprint will also be zero for electricity. You can also use LED lights as they last longer. They are efficient and are available in a range of house and brightness to suit everyone’s taste. You will definitely see the difference in your electricity bill if you replace all the globes
in your home with LED ones.



5. Step up your recycling

We all have to sort out our rubbish already, but once it has left our front door we cannot be less worried. Pay attention to infinite recyclables such as glass, aluminium and other metals and group them together in bags and clearly marked for easy sorting by recycling companies. Never leave anything on the beach and always try to bring back more than what you took. Also take batteries and other hazardous materials to the appropriate collection points for proper disposal. The government also offers a scrappage scheme for cars.

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6. Avoid using plastic

Plastic is part of our daily lives on countless levels. Single-use plastic is the biggest culprit with many people hardly paying attention to the matter: water bottles, crisp packets, shopping bags, packaging, straws and plastic eating utensils are strangling the oceans and already well into the food chain. Part of every piece of delicious seafood now has some micro granules of plastic embedded with a sprinkle of mercury, pesticides and growth hormones for taste! To help counter this, make use of reusable shopping bags, buy refills for anything and try your best not to buy anything that comes wrapped in plastic. Buy bottled water only in glass bottles and get reusable coffee pods for those morning brews.

7. Insulate your properties

Properties in Malta are notoriously bad when it comes to insulation. We freeze inside in the winter and sweat in the summer and this leads to air conditioners and heaters being used all the time. By properly insulating your home, with double-glazing and sealing places around doors and windows where the cold or heat can come in or be lost, you will use less electricity and save a bundle.
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Our solution

Step up your game for your next property and consider a home that has all the eco and green credentials! Frank Salt Real Estate deals in all kinds of properties and that includes eco-friendly homes that have the best of energy efficient ratings and include eco-friendly construction materials in their makeup.  Many already have technology such as solar panels and even wind generators, while others are totally geared up for today’s smart devices through personal assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri! It is well-known that buyers find homes that include smart appliances, fixtures and fittings very appealing and are prepared to pay more for it as smart homes save money in the long run and are eco-friendly due to their incorporation of new technology.
There are many things we can do to be more eco-friendly: using eco-friendly cleaning products, flying less, buying local, growing our own vegetables, planting some greenery and using less harmful personal care products for starters. This is not only beneficial to the environment, but also safer for us as humans in the long run. It boils down to the ease of availability, but remember one crucial thing: any mass-produced items are not cheap; they cost the earth!

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