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Simple ways to save energy and your money!

27th April, 2016
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Energy saving is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, in order to cut costs and contribute to a more sustainable environment. There are many ways by which one may save energy and we have listed some of the easiest ways to cut down the energy consumption in your home.

Turn the lights off when leaving a room

Even though this might seem obvious, some people have been misinformed when it comes to energy saving bulbs, thinking that it would save more energy to leave them on rather than to start them up again after turning them off. This is not the case and rather than saving energy, you would be shortening the life of the bulb. It is recommended that energy saving CFL bulbs are left on to stabilise for 10-15 minutes prior to turning them off. On the other hand the better quality LED light fittings can be turned on an off as and when required without damaging the bulb. Another advantage of LED light fittings is that they emit very little heat when compared to other bulbs and therefore also reduce on the required energy to cool the room.

Energy saving lights could be pricier then normal bulbs but are definitely worth the investment as they last up to 10 times longer and use only about quarter of the amount of electricity to provide an equal amount of light. Stock up on those energy saving lights!

Invest in a solar water heater or photo voltaic panels

Photo voltaic panels, otherwise known as solar panels, are becoming increasingly popular due to Malta’s abundant sunlight and the fantastic opportunity to save energy using natural sources. Solar panels are excellent choices for industrial or domestic use, but it is important to have sufficient space for them and that they are kept in direct sunlight. These panels convert sunlight into electricity for your home. Otherwise, one may opt for a solar water heater which is targeted towards saving energy from heating of water. These heaters save on your electricity bill, particularly during the long summer months. In the long run, the use of a solar water heater will save over 80% of the cost of running an electric boiler.

Turn off your mobile charger

Once you have charged your mobile, turn it off from the wall plug. Otherwise, you will be losing out on 95% of the electricity emitted through the charger, using only 5% of it to actually charge your mobile phone.

Saving energy during the summer months

There are certain measures you can take to further decrease your energy bill during the summer months:

  • If you have an air conditioner, clean its filters regularly.
  • While it may be tempting, overcooling a room in summer could lead to a substantial increase in your electricity bill. Keep it moderately cool.
  • Install white (or pale shaded) curtains or blinds to reflect away the heat. You’ll be surprised at the difference this makes during the hot summer months, particularly in properties such as penthouses which attract plenty of sunlight almost all year round.


Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) became compulsory for all dwellings being sold or rented. It is a document that gives a rating of the energy efficiency of a building. It is produced after a professional assessment of the property.
The EPC has a similar function to a home appliance energy rating certificate. The EPC is a scale showing the energy rating of a building and how much CO₂ it produces through the use of energy. Zero (0) is considered as the most energy efficient, while the other end of the spectrum is considered as the least efficient.
Whether you are buying or selling, you need to be given an EPC for the property in question. To learn more about the EPC kindly click here.

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