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Why COVID-19 Is An Opportunity To Grow And Develop Your Career

29th May, 2020
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“Any fashion, sensibility, ideology, set of priorities, worldview or hobby that you acquired prior to March 2020, and that may have by then started to seem to you cumbersome, dull, inauthentic, a drag: you are no longer beholden to it,” writes Justin EH Smith, a professor of history and philosophy at the University of Paris. “You can cast it off entirely and no one will care; likely, no one will notice.”

As Smith implies, disruption and isolation have a way of encouraging us to electively re-evaluate our habits, lives and careers – and that can be procreative. If you have in the past considered taking up real estate, or perhaps quarantine gave you time to re-evaluate your work priorities in life and you want a job that is more flexible, now might be the right time to take the plunge. Even more so, if the pandemic has led to you losing your job and are now on a look out for a new challenge.

People who opt for a career change, be it willingly or not, generally manage to create meaningful futures and even feel more fulfilled than they did before. This happens as you come to terms with the shift in your identity and as you become perceptive to new possibilities. On a personal level, you might discover parts of yourself that you barely knew existed. And with these discoveries come new ways of understanding who you might become and what career path you would like to follow – especially ones that you have been hesitant to follow in the past, but was intrigued to.

Switching careers to real estate

Why should you consider getting into real estate at a time like this? What are the benefits of working in this industry? These questions and many more have undoubtedly crossed the minds of anyone considering a move into this industry, even before COVID-19 hit. To these questions, you might now also think if working in real estate is still lucrative, but we can assure you that the life of a property consultant was and remains one of the most satisfying careers you can venture into – pre and post Coronavirus.

The general feel amongst the real estate industry is that looking at the last three months, property sales remain encouraging, with some price corrections expected. Whilst it is still early days to examine actual data, no significant changes have been noted in prices, with the majority of those concerned opting to postpone more than cancel sales. And if one were to look at May, the market is already picking up as things move ahead cautiously. Frank Salt Real Estate concurs to this general feeling, and as Malta leading independent estate agency we have taken this time to consolidate our operations and ensure that we are not only working in a safe manner but also invested in the continued training and success of our Agents.

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Financials that YOU control

With jobs lost and wages being cut, some have had no option but to experience the financial burdens that this pandemic has brought. Having the ability and the freedom to be in a position where your earnings are not dictated by your employer is one of the perks that real estate professionals benefit from. The commission structures ensure that hard work is rewarded, and that property consultants receive a healthy share for the work that they do. 

The power of a strong brand

A robust structure supporting an Agent’s activity is key in any situation, however, having the backup of a strong brand during these unprecedented times, will give anyone with a passion to succeed, the winning edge. Over the past 50 years, Frank Salt Real Estate has become a household name in Malta with an established presence in the industry that has garnered respect and recognition. It is during such difficult times, that Clients pay more attention towards these attributes to ensure that the Agent they engage, delivers to their expectations, and can secure the best possible deal.

Over the last couple of weeks, the company has been working hard on introducing the latest technological innovations and digital applications that better facilitate greater convenience and full peace of mind for clients and property agents. We believe that in the real estate field such tools will become the new norm and as pioneers in the industry, we want to be amongst the first to introduce them to Malta – whilst ensuring that our clients keep receiving the top-notch service that they have come to expect. 


We live in a time when modern jobseekers, regardless of their age and background, are paying growing attention towards job flexibility. Having the ability to manage your own time and be in control will allow you to be with your loved ones more or dedicate some time to a hobby you have always wanted to delve into. This comes as no surprise as recent studies have shown an increasing trend in jobseekers opting for lower income jobs in favour of enhanced flexibility over their working hours.

Very few out there have not experienced or understood that the need to spend more time at home with our loved ones, to take care of their kids or even spread errands out over the course of the day. As a Real Estate Agent, you will have this flexibility and much more, enabling you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Given that you put in hard work and full commitment, you have complete control over how you manage your time.

We don’t need a crisis to change our job, career, or lifestyle. But if one comes along, why not take advantage? For many of us, among the greatest challenges of making the change are creating the time and headspace to think about it, and then finding the courage to make the leap. COVID-19 has presented this unprecedented opportunity. This may be an unexpected chance to rethink what you want and who you are, and embark on a career that is more engaging than the one you lost or were used to before. At Frank Salt Real Estate, we are looking to hear from anyone who would like to take control of their lives and push for a brighter future. We are happy to provide you with a springboard that cautiously leads to success and raises your profile.

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