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Why Frank Salt Real Estate Uses EcoNatural Products

22nd April, 2019
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Last year, we at Frank Salt Real Estate announced our “Let’s Go Environmental” initiative, which described our company’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our local environment.

Part of this ongoing initiative is to promote recycling wherever possible, and to include eco-friendly products in our offices. One of these products is Lucart Professional’s EcoNatural, made from raw material obtained from the recycled components of beverage cartons. Read on to find out more about how this product ties into our real estate agency’s environmental policies.

Environmental Benefits

Lucart Professional’s EcoNatural range are a line of products made from Fiberpack®, an environmental and technological break-through, whose products are not only 100% ecological, but are also based on an innovative production philosophy. Instead of cutting down trees (which absorb carbon dioxide atmosphere), this company recycles materials that would otherwise end up in a waste dump.

Why Beverage Cartons?

An average beverage carton is made up of 74% cellulose fibres, 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminium. All these elements are recycled, with the polyethylene and aluminium used in other factories to produce other everyday objects. In the meantime, the cellulose fibres are transformed into a soft, highly resistant and absorbent paper – click here to view how this process works in more detail.

Research has shown that on average, with a pallet of 70 EcoNatural handtowels, it is possible to recover 15,084 1-litre beverage cartons, save 3.2 trees and prevent 380 kg of CO2 emissions. A pallet of EcoNatural 300 toilet paper rolls is equivalent to (on average) recovering 15,260 1-litre beverage cartons, saving 3.4 trees and preventing 398.4kg of CO2 emissions.

Changing the Future of the Environment for the Better

By making use of these products, companies can help EcoNatural breathe new life to materials which would otherwise be lost in waste, prevent the cutting of trees and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Frank Salt Real Estate is proud to be doing our part by successfully following through with our environmental initiatives in and out of the office, including sponsoring various activities organised around the island. As of this year, we are also collaborating with the Swieqi Local Council in an effort to maintain and irrigate the gardens in the district, helping to embellish and improve much needed open spaces within a densely populated area. Other initiatives include coordinating with local NGOs to reduce carbon emissions and introducing separate waste dispensers at the office, along with a container for batteries.

Thanks to both Lucart Group and Inserv, from whom we have been purchasing our EcoNatural products, we have remained fully committed to managing our real estate agency’s environmental impact along with our other objectives.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced real estate agency to help you with all your property needs, whilst also doing its utmost to reduce its carbon footprint and enhance our local environment, contact Frank Salt Real Estate today!

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