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Lija, Malta, is a small village in the central region of the country and part of what is know as the “Three Villages”, along with Attard and Balzan. Lija is also referred to as “Hal-Lija” by most of the Maltese people. The village has a baroque-style church as well as seven other small chapels. The parish church is dedicated to Our Saviour. It has a population of 3 100.

Lija is famous for its spectacular fireworks which attract scores of locals and tourists during the festa period held in the first week of August and the village also hosts the annual Maltese Citrus Festival.

Attractions in Lija

Belvedere Tower, Villa Parisio and Villa Francia are main attractions and the official University Residence of the University of Malta is also situated here, making Lija property for sale high on the list of investors looking for a place to let to anyone studying here that is not accommodated in residence on campus. Hal-Lija is an extremly quiet village which makes its attractions even more enjoyable to experience and visit.

Property for sale in Lija

Well-known author Anthony Burgess, mostly famous for his book A Clockwork Orange, lived in Lija for three years. The patron saint is Transfiguration of Our Saviour and the day of the annual festa is the 6th of August.



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