Long-Term Residence in Malta

Long-term residence status may be granted to individuals who have been legally residing in Malta for five continuous years. The term “continuous” means that such individuals (EU/EEA, Swiss, and third country nationals) must not have absented themselves from Malta for more than 6 consecutive months in any given year of the said 5-year period and further must not have been absent from Malta for more than a total of 10 months throughout this 5 year period.

Furthermore, a third country national who has been granted long-term residence status by another Member State other than Malta may reside in Malta, for a period exceeding three months, for the exercise of an economic activity in an employed or self-employed capacity, provided that such person is in possession of an employment licence, is pursuing studies or vocational training, or is engaged in other such activities.

Once such applicants are granted long-term residence status in Malta, they will enjoy equal treatment as any other Maltese national in terms of access to employment and education amongst others.


In the case of third country nationals who have been legally residing in Malta for at least two years, they can also put forward a request for family members to reside in Malta. These can include spouses (21 years or older) and minor unmarried children. This can only be done if the third country national’s intention is to permanently reside in Malta and that he can provide satisfactory accommodation to such family members.

In such circumstances, the applicant must also show that he is economically self-sufficient, with regular and stable financial income equivalent to the average wage in Malta plus another 20% of the average wage for each family member.

Once permission is granted, such family members have the right to work and study like the applicant and once the latter would have resided in Malta for 5 years, family members will be entitled to an autonomous residence permit.


Partners of Maltese citizens are granted residence in Malta
if the two have been in a relationship during the previous 24 months and they receive a stable income of at least €8,885.

In those cases where their relationship has lasted for at least 5 years, a residence permit for 3 years is then issued.

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