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Pembroke is a town in the Northern Region of Malta, and it is considered to be the country’s newest town. To the east is Paceville, the nightlife district of Malta. The town’s population stands at close to 4000.

The first known buildings in the area of the town date back to the time of the Order of Saint John. The Knights built two Watch Towers on the extreme ends of the current Pembroke coast. The first of these is Saint George’s Tower, which was built in 1638 as part of a series of coastal watch towers and the second tower, Madliena Tower, forms part of a network of 13 coastal watch towers.

The British who were instrumental in the development and fortification of Pembroke by building a military base complete with a hospital, cemetery, school, parade grounds, training grounds and shooting ranges. Pembroke did not escape unscathed and has borne the scars from its share of the bombardment during WWII.

The town is well known for hosting a high concentration of schools and educational institutions.

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A geological feature unique in the Maltese archipelago is the large natural cavern at the Ħarq Ħammiem valley which separates Pembroke from St. Julians. The large cavern tops a closed lake having a surface area of 300 square meters and is very deep and endangered plants are still found in the area, thus it being classified as an “Area of Ecological Importance” and a ‘Site of Scientific Importance’.

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