Maisonettes With Own Roof

Finding a Maisonette with own roof

Maisonettes can be found all over Malta and Gozo and makes up a fair share of property sales, but they are nowhere near as abundant as apartments. Not quite a house and definitely not an apartment, a maisonette falls somewhere in-between. The difference is that maisonettes always have their own separate entrance at ground level, offering privacy and independence to come and go as you want without the prying eyes of neighbours.

The Benefits of living in a Maisonettes

Maisonettes are also independently owned or freehold, so there are no monthly fees for common areas and upkeep. Ground floor maisonettes usually have access to a garden or inner courtyards and this is exclusively reserved for use by the ground floor maisonette’s owner. Maisonettes are seldom more than three units, each on a separate level and sometimes one can come across a duplex maisonette that will occupy two floors. 

maisonette with own roof

Top floor maisonettes are in high demand at the moment as they can come with the airspace included, but of this one needs confirmation of whether it forms part of the property. Having exclusive rights and access to the airspace gives you as an owner literally an extra floor to do with as you please: you can turn the roof into a garden area complete with a deck and Jacuzzi, a BBQ area and some space to enjoy with the family right above where you live. Maisonettes with roof spaces also offer views over the surrounding area and it is the perfect space to have sun downers with friends and to entertain.

Maisonettes with own roof and airspace are a great investement.

Keep in mind that if you own a maisonette that comes with its own roof and airspace, you may just have the rights to add other units to the top floor and this is what makes them so popular. Maisonettes with airspace make the ideal investment property for those that are new to the property market and want to start a construction or building project of modest proportions. You can either extend the top unit or enlarge it by adding another floor or you can apply for a permit to add more units, although you will have to investigate with an architect about the best ways to go about it as the provision for separate access to additional units can be a challenge.

If you are not going to become a property developer just yet, maisonettes with roof spaces are ideal for those who do not want to live in an apartment: it is the proverbial “little big house” offering space, security, privacy, outdoor space and independence. Find more about maisonettes for sale in Malta here

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