Regular and Managed Sole Agency

8th February, 2022

Once you have decided to sell your home, choosing the right estate agent to help you is a top priority.

But one of the big choices you need to make is whether to opt for sole agency, where one firm has the exclusive right to market your home for a fixed period, or an open agency, where you get more than one firm to help you sell.

Amongst others the choice you make will affect the amount you pay in fees, as well as the marketing exposure that your property receives.

Many sellers believe that an open listing allowing multiple agencies to sell your home is the right thing to do and that it will result in expediting the sale. This is not always the case.

Why opt for a sole agency?

  • You get to pay a lower rate of agency fee (generally 3.5% instead of 5%). Agents will agree to lower commission with sole agency, as there is a higher chance they will make the sale.
  • Dealing with a multitude of agents from several agencies is complicated. As the seller you have to accommodate many appointments, sometimes on the same day, with strangers invading your home at inconvenient times.
  • If you are no longer living in the property, you would have to hand out several sets of keys to different agents.
  • It is difficult to keep track of progress regarding the marketing of your home.
  • Overexposing your home to the market through several agencies may create the impression that there is something wrong with it, or that it is not saleable.
  • Having a multitude of agencies representing your home may result in it being marketed at a multitude of prices, confusing buyers and creating an impression that a seller may be inconsistent in their decision making and therefore be complicated to deal with.

Sole agency properties receive much more attention-geared, focused marketing while open mandates are often not high on agents’ lists of priorities since they earn less commission and compete with many other agents for the sale.

At Frank Salt Real Estate, we can accompted your needs whether you prefer an open agency or a sole agency for your property.


Let’s Be Frank – Awarding your property as a Sole Agency with us means achieving the highest price in the shortest time for your home. We have over 50 years of experience to back us up and it is no wonder 70% of our sole agency properties sell within 75 days.

Whether you appoint us as your exclusive agents or not, you can rest assured of our 100% commitment to promote your website and help you find the right buyer.

With our SOLE AGENCY PACKAGE you only get to pay 3.5% commission in the case of a successful sale of your property. You also get greater marketing exposure as well as a dedicated consultant to guide you and help you manage the full selling process. A minimum managed sole agency period of 9 months, together with optional home staging at a cost of €236. Agency fee rate of 3.5% applies if sold by Frank Salt Real Estate, and 5% if sold with the assistance of a third party agency.

With our MANAGED AGENCY PACKAGE we have reorganised our fee structure in order to save you thousands of euro when we sell your property. Our new managed Sole Agency Package includes all the benefits of our sole agency package. However, included in our fee we may opt to work with other agencies, who will also offer your property to their client database. We we will provide the marketing material to them and we will remain your one point of contact.

What do you get with sole agency packages?

Sole Agency

If you are thinking of selling your property and want to see which Sole Agency Package is best suited for you, get in touch. If there is one thing for sure, we know how to sell your property best!


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