Maisonettes for Sale in Sliema

Maisonettes for Sale in Sliema

Sliema Maisonettes

With its beautiful coastline stretching over three kilometres, Sliema is arguably the most desirable area in Malta to live and maisonettes offered for sale here are in high demand.

Sliema is safe and everything is within walking distance, further contributing to the area’s popularity. Sliema is also one of the best areas for property investment and buy-to-let properties are rented out on both long-and short-term contacts to tourists, students, locals and highly paid contract workers such as those employed in the i-Gaming sector. Sliema is also a firm favourite amongst the expat and retirement communities due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and unbeatable amenities.

Maisonettes in Sliema

Maisonettes in Sliema are a popular type of property in this seaside town located on the northeast coast of Malta. These are two-story Sliema apartments, usually with their own private entrance, that often feature a small outdoor space such as a balcony, terrace, or garden. Maisonettes in Sliema are known for their spaciousness, affordability, and central location, which makes them a desirable option for both locals and expats. Many maisonettes in Sliema have been renovated to modern standards, while still retaining their traditional Maltese character and charm. A maisonette is one of the property types when looking for property in Sliema.

Who buys maisonettes in Sliema?

Maisonettes are very often bought as investments to rent out, but also as primary residences by families, couples and urban professionals. Maisonettes are the perfect manageable lifestyle property.

maisonettes for sale in malta

What makes maisonettes so special?

The reasons maisonettes are so popular are:

  • Maisonettes always have a private street-level entrance, unlike apartments in malta and therefore offer more privacy.
  • Ground floor maisonettes have access to small gardens and courtyards.
  • Upper floor maisonettes have access to roof space which often has great views over the surrounding area.
  • Maisonettes usually have high ceilings, period features and examples of the finest craftsmanship such as ornate railings, traditional Maltese tiles and other limestone embellishments around entrances and windows.
  • Maisonettes often have more space than most apartments in the same price range.
  • Maisonettes offer the lock-up-and-go convenience of an apartment but have all the attributes of a larger property.

Just some of what Sliema has on offer:

  • Beaches
  • Restaurants
  • Shops and boutiques
  • Cafes
  • A fantastic promenade
  • Great hotels and guest houses
  • International language schools
  • Public, private and church schools
  • Day-care facilities and nursery schools
  • Excellent public transport links
  • Access to ferries for Valletta, Comino
  • Shopping centres
  • Great co-working spaces for entrepreneurs
  • Top hotels
  • Historic churches, monuments and landmarks
  • Special Designated Area such as Tigne Point and Fort Cambridge
  • Excellent hospitals

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