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Xlendi is a village in Malta situated in the south west of the island of Gozo. It is surrounded by the villages of Munxar, Fontana and Kerċem. The name Xlendi is of Byzantine origin as it is named after a galley of the period, that was wrecked along the coast, that was called “Shilandi”.

Tombs dating from Punic-Byzantine times were found in Xlendi, some at St. Simon Point and some others in Xlendi Valley.  The Romans used Xlendi as a port. The Xlendi Tower, guarding the mouth of the bay was built in 1650.

The church, dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, was dedicated in 1974, but some parts of the building are far older, dating to 1868. In 1955, the Xlendi mill was excavated into the cliffs, situated behind the Mount Carmel church.

Xlendi is hugely popular as a tourist destination with many top restaurants lining the shore. It is also a diving centre with a global influx and many diving centres are located in Xlendi. The population swells from a few hundred in the winter to thousands during the long summer months.

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