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Żebbuġ is a city in the southern region of Malta. It is one of the oldest towns in the country, and its population is 12 000.The name means “olives” in Maltese. In 1380 a church dedicated to St. Philip of Agira was built here, but Malta is very rich in archaeological remains and Ħaż-Żebbuġ is no exception. A large number of beautiful properties are located in Zebbug. It gave its name to an era of prehistoric time when pottery of a kind not known as yet was found in tombs at Ta’ Trapna.  Some Punic and Phoenician tombs were also found together with a small number of cart ruts and other remains.

The Grand Chancery of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is also situated in the city.

The patron saint is St. Philip of Agira and the days of the festas are 12 May and the 2nd Sunday of June.

What to do in Zebbug Malta?

When one is visiting the beautiful village of Zebbug in Malta. We recommend you visit the stunning church dedicated to St Philip of Agira, which has been built for centruries more specifically since 1380. It hosts the marvellous painting of Luca Garnier, one of the most beautiful painting on the Maltese islands, this church is also complimented by the famous statue of St Philip. This statue was created in 1864, being considered a modern day masterpiece.

The best time of the year to visit and experience this village is during the feast of St Philip which is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of June. A warm climate for you to enjoy the streets. The roads will be closed for cars allowing you tostrolls the streets safely, listen to the band clubs, view the fireworks, and see much more stalls. You cannot go wrong when visiting this village, where you can also view the beautiful homes with touches of old architecture. These are most commonly found in the Houses of character in the area. Zebbug is well know for their beautiful homes, with decor dating back to decades, if not centuries ago. Zebbug is also well-known for having one of the nicest Good Friday pageants on the islands.

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