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31st January, 2015
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Mary Bezzina and Leonard Grech from Frank Salt’s Home Interiors Consultancy Service department can help you finish your property on time and within budget.

Buying property is fun. There is the pleasure of going around Malta looking for property, the excitement of finding the right house, and all the planning of how to turn a house into a home.

But that is where the fun ends. Even though doing up a property is an adventure, it comes with the baggage of having to deal with workers and contractors, going around showrooms trying to find the right furnishings, and trying to stick to schedule.

That headache can soon go away thanks to Frank Salt Home Interiors Consultancy Service department. This department has one primary objective: to help you convert your newly purchased property into a stylish, comfortable and practical home.

“The prospect of doing up or restoring a property can be daunting,” says Mary Bezzina. “Take foreign buyers or first time buyers, for instance. Especially when they buy an unfinished property, they would need guidance in turning it into a beautiful home.

“We offer a full service, anything from minor refurbishments to project management and turnkey projects.”

“We offer architect and interior design services as well as property development, including the conversion of farmhouses and houses of character. We also help our clients complete properties which they bought in shell form,” adds Leonard Grech. “We have also been successful in finishing commercial properties.”

This service is available not only to people who buy a property from Frank Salt real estate agency but also to those who buy their property from other real estate agents. Both Bezzina and Grech have a wealth of experience in project management, finishing and furnishing. They also involve architects, interior designers and contractors with whom they have worked in the past and who can guarantee an excellent service and workmanship.

“The first step is to meet with our clients,” says Grech. “We see what their requirements and budgets are and come up with our proposals and quotes. We also take our clients to showrooms so that they can see the products that they might be interested in buying.”

“This depends on why and where they bought their property,” says Bezzina. “If, for instance, the property was bought as a buy-to-let investment, then the clients might want to furnish it comfortably and attractively, but within a tight budget. Clients who have bought a property to turn into a home might have a bigger budget.”

The advantage of this service is that clients have one contact point instead of having to deal with a lot of workers and suppliers. Moreover, since Frank Salt Home Interiors Consultancy Service department has worked with trusted workers and suppliers for years, clients get to avail of service value and excellent aftersales service. Clients also benefit from discounted rates and prices already negotiated with suppliers by Frank Salt Home Interiors Consultancy Service department.

“Whatever we do, we do it in consultation with our clients,” says Grech. “And we don’t mislead anybody. If something cannot be done due to limited budgets or very tight schedules, then we inform our clients. Honesty, as always, is the best policy.

“Our work isn’t over the minute a property is finished,” says Bezzina. “We offer our clients aftersales service, property management as well as rental services for clients wanting to rent out their property. The key is to make our clients happy with their property, and keep them happy.”

For more information, contact the Frank Salt Home Interiors Consultancy Service department on 2379 4550 and [email protected].

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