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What to know about the property types?

Gozo has shot to fame the last few years as the place to buy property. There are several reasons for this: the location, price and availability of especially scarcer property types such as farmhouses and houses of character. Gozo is tremendously popular with those wanting value for money, a quieter, rural lifestyle and of course scenic beauty. Gozo is for the most part unspoilt by the encroachment of the ever-expanding urban sprawl although many towns on Malta’s pretty sister island are currently experiencing a boom in construction and property upgrades. That said, the island’s inhabitants are very protective of its status as a nucleus of old-world charm and this has in many ways been a saving grace for the island’s irresistible allure. 

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With the blessing of Malta’s government through the availability of grants and concessions, many historic buildings on Gozo are in the process of being saved from complete decay and are being lovingly restored by new owners. This love for Gozo and its historic charm will ensure that the island’s heritage homes will be preserved for many generations to come. All property types can be found on Gozo and as a buyer, you can be assured that you will find exactly what you want, in the location that you want.

Apartments, Maisonettes & Penthouses in Gozo

These are the most common types of residences on the island, and they range from studios ideal as a bachelor pad or pied-a-terre to large seafront apartments or penthouses with spacious terraces and stunning sea views. One could opt to purchase within a small independent block or a unit that forms part of a large complex which usually offers communal pools or/and gardens. Maisonettes are an apartment variation which also forms part of a block but would have a separate front door, thereby providing more privacy to the owner. Furthermore,  these are situated on the ground floor, and they usually come with a back yard or garden while the top floor unit would have its own roof terrace.

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Villas & Bungalows in Gozo

These would either be detached or semi-detached and usually come with surrounding gardens and a private or communal pool. The difference between a bungalow and a villa is that a bungalow is spread over one floor while a villa is split into two levels. These are considered to be luxury properties and are quite large – usually built on about 1/3 of an acre of land. Live in luxury in Gozo by checking these beautiful property types out.

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Terraced Houses & Townhouses in Gozo

Terraced houses are modern property types built over two floors and usually with at least a 6m-frontage, garage, back and front garden or yard. The prices vary considerably according to the location and standard of finish.

Buying a terraced house in Gozo could be a great investment, enjoying a large outdoor area to entertain together with the convenience of having  a house without being disturbed by neighbours.

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Houses of Character & Farmhouses in Gozo

Some of the most charming properties on the island are these houses of character and farmhouses, which are available both unconverted and converted in Gozo. When converted, these properties include modern finishes required for a contemporary home while still retaining the original features these properties have to offer. These could include wooden beams, mill rooms, wine cellars, central courtyards, stone arches and more. These properties are usually located within villages or in the countryside.

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Special Designated Areas - SDA's

There are a number of luxury developments being set up in Gozo which have been highlighted by the local authorities as Special Designated Areas (SDAs). There are no restrictions on foreigners to acquire these properties which make them an ideal choice for those wishing to invest in property in Gozo. These property types are high-end, and consist of clusters of apartments, maisonettes and penthouses built with a common theme and on an extensive piece of land. Their value is further increased due to their coveted location and high finishes. 

Some developments in Gozo that fall under SDAs are:

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