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Living in the City – Valletta Tour

12th April, 2012
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In terms of real estate, Valletta has been relatively left on the back burner of the property market for a very long time. This is all changing now and in the last couple of years Valletta has seen an increase in demand for property for sale as well as to let. Frank Salt Real Estate have always been strong believers in the city’s potential and with the unfolding of the activities related to the forthcoming V18, the company has stepped up its efforts to raise awareness of the city’s rich heritage in terms of property.

As part of this exercise a team of consultants have been carefully handpicked to fully comprehend and specialize on Valletta’s market for apartments and houses for sale and to let. Amongst other activities, they embarked on an extensive tour of the city, during which they discovered more of the history and architectural merits of Valletta from the point of view of its builders The Knights of St John and the Colonial years, during which period it was a key harbor in the Mediterranean. The tour was conducted by Maltese marine archeologist Timmy Gambin, who also holds a keen personal interest on Valletta.

Valletta is really and truly becoming a modern cosmopolitan city. As a company, Frank Salt Real Estate is always on the lookout for areas where there is great potential and Valletta is definitively one. A good number of properties in Valletta have been empty for years. Valletta was mostly popular as a retail and commercial centre, and not so much as a residential city. Now the focus has changed, achieving a greater balance between the two. This is partly thanks to the investment made in Valletta in the past years, making the city very attractive as a place to invest and live. There is also a lot of interest from highly educated and cultured foreign clients, particularly from France, Italy and others who are mesmerised by the beauty of the city’s architecture and surroundings. Customers also find the close proximity of restaurants in a historical setting alluring. The rental market is also in demand. Property which was overlooked is suddenly in demand, guaranteed to be a great investment. Before, only properties with a view were sought after. Today, foreigners and locals are looking at investing in something which renders a return and also gives personal satisfaction in many ways.

Branded as the Valletta Heritage Property Collection, Frank Salt Real Estate has put together a selection of good value properties for sale and to let in Valletta, ranging from very small apartments which are suitable for short-let markets, to townhouses, maisonettes and palazzinos. The company also plans to hold a number of seminars on various subjects related to Valletta, which will be open to the public.


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