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Mosta is a town in the Northern Region of Malta. With stimated population of 21000, it is the third most populous town in Malta. Being in the centre of Malta, Mosta is a very busy hub for all traffic moving up and down the country.

The most famous building in Mosta is the Rotunda, a large Basilica named St Marija Assunta Basilica, which has the third largest unsupported dome in the world. The church is dedicated to the Assumption. On 9 April 1942, the church was nearly destroyed during World War II. A bomb hit the dome of the church but failed to explode. The detonator was removed and a replica bomb is now displayed as a memorial. The church took 27 years to complete and is a major attraction in the area.

Mosta property for sale offers individuals, families and businesses an affordable, conveniently located address in the heart of Malta and the area is a very busy central hub connecting the north and south. One may not think so, but Mosta has some very interesting historic buildings and structures of its own with the most famous being the Rotunda or Mosta Dome, a large Basilica officially named St Marija Assunta Basilica.

It has the third largest unsupported dome in the world and is a very popular attraction, visited by many tens of thousands of tourists every year. The church took 27 years to complete and the most famous fact about the dome is that during WW2 a bomb penetrated the dome but did not explode and a replica is now on display to celebrate this miracle.

Property for sale in Mosta comes in the form of maisonettes, townhouses, apartments and terraced houses, but open land still surrounds the area and Mosta is also popular for its affordability in both the residential and commercial sectors. Prices have remained stable over the years and due to its easy access to the rest of Malta, the town’s real estate is always in demand.

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